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Congratulations to the Coaching Association of Canada on their fifth annual NATIONAL COACHES WEEK (September 21-29)! Coaches were recognized for the integral role that they play in empowering Canadian athletes and communities. Life memories don’t happen without the support of 20,000 high school coaches across our province.

Annette Wrigley
Ron Andrews
Selected by OFSAA, and recognized by the Coaches Association of Ontario during Coaches Week, the 2019 male and female recipients of the Coaching Excellence Awards in the “School Sport Coach” category are
ANNETTE WRIGLEY and RON ANDREWS. Click here to view a short video done by CAO honouring 
ANNETTE and here for RON. Congratulations to you both!


(Click on blue for more info) OCTOBER 16: Transfer Appeal Applications Due
OCTOBER 16-17: Girls’ Golf Festival & Boys’ Golf Championship
OCTOBER 31: Board of Reference – Transfers
OCTOBER 31-NOV. 1: Girls’ Field Hockey Championship (Burlington, ON)
OCTOBER 31-NOV. 1:Ultimate Festival (Oakville, ON)
NOVEMBER 2:Cross Country Championships (Sudbury, ON)
NOVEMBER 21-23: Boys’ Volleyball & Girls’ Basketball Championships
NOVEMBER 25: Transfer Appeal Applications Due
NOVEMBER 26-28: Football Bowls Series (Hamilton, ON)
DECEMBER 5-6: Representatives’ Council Meeting
DECEMBER 10: Board of Reference – Transfers
APRIL 23-24: Annual General Meeting

***Please note that Girls’ A/AA Hockey will now take place on March 24-26***

The Bulletin Find the latest edition here – it’s the 2019 Fall Issue. Check out the championship recaps and read all about the various OFSAA scholarships recipients that were recognized. The printed copy of the magazine is also available at your school – just ask your principal or athletic director.

Schools are encouraged to apply now for the 2019-20 TRY Day grant. Over 125 schools will benefit from this grant funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Schools are motivating students to engage in physical activity and sport by offering fun offerings such as; cricket, wheelchair basketball, disc golf, kinball and spikeball, just to name a few.
Thank you to all of the schools that have already applied! Click here to apply.


In an effort to provide a safer environment for student-athletes during OFSAA championships, qualifying teams will be required to follow new protocol during warm-up. Adopted by Volleyball Canada in 2018, OFSAA will implement new warm-up procedures for all 2019 Boys’ Championships and 2020 Girls’ Championships. Please share this recent change with volleyball coaches in your area.  An explanation of the new protocol can be found here.Please keep in mind that the 2 libero system was passed by the membership and will be adopted for all 2019-2020 championships.

OFSAA is pleased to announce a new partnership with Field Hockey Ontario. The agreement runs from 2019 to 2024. As part of the partnership, certified umpires will be deployed to the Girls’ Field Hockey Championship taking place October 31 to November 2 in Mississauga, ON.


OFSAA is on board with Rowan’s Law. For all of our fall events, with the exception of golf and cross country, students, coaches and parents will be required to confirm they have reviewed the government’s concussion awareness resource and the OFSAA Concussion Code of Conduct. Once the concussion policies for school boards are updated to be consistent with Rowan’s Law, we will reassess the processes for OFSAA events.

GOING GREEN” WHEN REGISTERING OFSAA has adopted modified forms of electronic registration in 2019-2020. Hard copy documents are no longer required on site at events. All required info will be submitted electronically using google forms prior to arrival. Please visit your championship/festival registration page for more details.

A study, led by Dr. Martin Camiré at the University of Ottawa, targets youth high school sport participation and its association to their psychosocial development and mental health. Researchers are looking to recruit student-athletes from across Canada to volunteer for the study. Teachers are encouraged to spread awareness. The links below provide detailed information on the procedure of the study.Link to download the English video:
Link to download the French video:
Link to access the English video online:
Link to access the French video online:

If you require a scorepad for basketball, soccer or volleyball, be sure to head to the OFSAA Store here at to place an order.

Have you noticed a change with our website? We hope you enjoy the new look. Check it out here!
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