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Elevate your Athletic Department and unlock your leadership potential this spring with our CIAAA LTP Courses. The upcoming courses will cover Foundational Philosophy, Enhanced Legal Issues, Creating an Athletic Handbook and Student Leadership Development, full course dates and descriptions below. 

Right now, we are offering a Spring Series Course discount and all registrations will be reduced to $99 plus fees. Use the code #SpringLTP at check out for each course. 


Thursday May 23 – LTP 506C: Legal Issues II – Enhanced Legal Issues
This course covers legal aspects such as discrimination, harassment, bullying, hazing, and violence in sports, providing participants with definitions and applications within both sports and scholastic environments. It also addresses emerging online issues like cyberbullying, online privacy, defamation, and coach-athlete relationships on social media platforms, offering insights on effective management. Additionally, participants will learn about employment law practices related to teacher and volunteer coach relationships.

Monday May 27 – LTP 501C: Philosophy, Organizational Structure & Professional Development 
This course is aimed at assisting athletic directors set the tone for their program. Origins of athletic administration are addressed in addition to codes of ethics. The concept of “educational athletics” is discussed and refined. The role of the athletic administrator and the importance of having a school philosophy are addressed and workshop participants have the opportunity to interact with others to refine their own philosophies. 
**LTP 501C is the one of three fundamental courses required for the CRAA Certification

Thursday May 30 – LTP 602C: Creating Your Athletic Handbook 
This course is designed to guide attendees through the process of creating a complete and effective athletic handbook. Effective athletic handbooks provide vision/direction for your program, disseminate critical information to your constituents and can save Athletic Administrators countless hours. This is a working course where attendees will be provided with a number of templates as a starting point and surrounded by experienced Athletic Administrators leading the course. Attendees will be expected to come prepared with a list of school and district-specific documents to guide them during the handbook creation process.

Wednesday June 5 – LTP 726C: Student Leadership Development 
Student Leadership Development is an essential component to any successful education-based athletic program. In this course, we’ll look at numerous ways to actively develop leaders who will serve your school as well as the greater community. Topics that will be covered include: captains council, student leadership workshops, service learning, and further opportunities to develop Student Leadership.

Want to start planning Professional Development opportunities for the 2024-2025 School Year? Let the CIAAA organize your district/zone PD day!

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