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uesday, April, 12, 2016
There is still time to register for the OFSAA 2016 Women’s Sport School Conference before the deadline of April 15th. Female teacher-coaches in Ontario cannot miss this opportunity!

OFSAA is pleased to announce the keynote speaker for our Women’s Sport School – speaker, author and coach, Nina Spencer.

Nina is a Toronto-based international keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, speaker’s coach and Canadian bestselling author of Getting Passion out of Your Profession: How to keep loving your living come what may.

Check out this link to learn all about Nina.

Attending OFSAA Members Will Learn How to:

• Choose specific language to positively shift/influence attitude and behaviour in self, teams, colleagues and others.
• Identify, acknowledge and confidently declare professional self-worth/what they bring to their coaching table.
• Foster a sense of humour for their own spirit and passion, as well as that of their teams.
• Modify perspective, (and show their teams how to do the same) to successfully deal with changeable “weather.”
• Identify strategies for protecting and maintaining physical and emotional energy, especially when stressed.
• Cut themselves some slack and persevere during trying times of rough coaching patches.
• Identify creative ways to stay in touch with their circle of influence, and expand that circle.
• Regularly/nurture & grow professional connections and networks within their teams & DSBs.
• Recognize the importance of attending conferences and other professionally focused events (such as those hosted by the OFSAA!), to keep in touch with other enthusiastic, energized coaches in their DSB and beyond, as another source for sustaining passion for their profession.

Why? Because… Life is change, and work/coaching is change, but passion for your profession and extra-curricular contributions, and a sincere desire to work in the best of harmony with students/team members, and fellow coaches and colleagues, is optional… and each one of us gets to choose.

So… Make your choice adventurous stranger; strike the bell and bide the danger. Or wonder ’til it drives you mad, what would have followed if you had?

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