Coaching Better Every Season: A Year-Round System for Athlete Development and Program Success,

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Announcing the release of Coaching Better Every Season: A Year-Round System for Athlete Development and Program Success, written by renowned coaching education expert Dr. Wade Gilbert, Fresno State University, and published by Human Kinetics. The new release message below contains information regarding the book and author.

Maximize the development of your athletes and team throughout the year, and just maybe win a postseason title in the process. Coaching Better Every Season: A Year-Round System for Athlete Development and Program Success presents a blueprint for such success, detailing the best coaching methods and practices in preseason, in-season, postseason, and off-season.

The Coach Doc, Dr. Wade Gilbert, shares his research-supported doses of advice that have helped coaches around the globe troubleshoot their ailing programs into title contenders. His field-tested yet innovative prescriptions and protocols for a more professional approach to coaching are sure to produce positive results both in competitive outcomes and in the enjoyment of the experience for athletes and coaches.

Coaching Better Every Season applies to all sports and guides coaches through the critical components of continual improvement while progressing from one season to the next in the annual coaching cycle. It also presents many practical exercises and evaluation tools that coaches can apply directly to athletes and teams at all levels of competition. This text is sure to make every year of coaching a more rewarding, if not a trophy-winning, experience.

“I met Wade at a USOC coach education seminar, and was immediately impressed by his knowledge of what it takes to coach at championship level. His cycle for continuous excellence and many of his other insights and recommendations ring true to my experience and teachings throughout my career. Coaching Better Every Season has just become more possible for any coach who reads and applies the wisdom and best practices found in this book.”  

Anson Dorrance
Head Coach
University of North Carolina Women’s Soccer Team
22-Time NCAA National Champions  

“The best sport programs have a solid plan for success and follow that winning formula consistently each year. Coaching Better Every Season is a blueprint for building just such a structure for success that coaches can apply and adapt to their specific sport and personnel. Wade Gilbert’s season-by-season guide is a great tool for any coach who is willing to ask “What can I improve?” and who is then willing to take the steps to do so.”  

Jim Tressel
Youngstown State University
Five-Time National Champion Football Coach

About the Author

Wade Gilbert, PhD, is an award-winning professor in the department of kinesiology at California State University at Fresno.

Dr. Gilbert holds degrees in physical education, human kinetics, and education and has taught and studied coaching at the University of Ottawa (Canada), UCLA, and Fresno State. He has more than 20 years of experience in conducting applied research with coaches around the world spanning all competitive levels, from youth leagues to the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games. He is widely published and is frequently invited to speak at national and international events. Gilbert is a coach education advisor to USA Football and a regular contributor to coaching seminars for Olympic and national team coaches in the United States and Canada.

In addition, Gilbert is editor in chief of the International Sport Coaching Journal, published by Human Kinetics in conjunction with SHAPE America and the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE). As Human Kinetics’ coach education advisor, “The Coach Doc” writes articles and conducts webinars on a variety of coaching issues.

Reflecting on Why You Coach

Most coaching books start with a discussion of the importance of creating a coaching philosophy and follow up with a section on creating goals. But to define a coaching philosophy and set goals, you must first understand and express why you coach and what principles will guide how you coach.

A coaching purpose defines why you do what you do; it is your fundamental reason for being (a coach). Your purpose also represents your motivations for coaching. Coaches by nature are competitive and driven to succeed. This attribute combined with outside pressure from others to win can easily cause coaches to lose sight of their true purpose. A traumatic life moment is often the trigger that causes a coach to pause and reflect on the why. For three-time national college football champion coach Urban Meyer, a combination of dealing with serious health issues and listening to his daughter speak at a public ceremony caused him to realize how absent he had become from her life. For renowned high school football coach Joe Erhmann, the moment came while attending his brother’s funeral. In his deeply personal account of how he discovered his coaching purpose, Coach Erhmann explains how he came to identify his true purpose as a coach: “’My Why’: I coach to help boys become men of empathy and integrity who will lead, be responsible, and change the world for good.”

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