Twice a year Labrador holds a sports meet where students from coastal schools come together to play a number of sports over one weekend to help alleviate the issues of travel costs and geography, while creating a fantastic atmosphere of sportsmanship and competition. The host community puts a tremendous effort into getting an event like this prepared and executed, which is no easy task with the winter weather forcing everyone to adapt at the drop of a hat.

You can check out the event results HERE and see some of the great photos at the top of the page.

The event hosted by B.L. Morrison School in Postville was a huge success and despite some uncooperative weather, almost all sports were able to conclude. Organizer, Howard Worthman, had some special thanks in his final report as well:

“I would very much like to acknowledge the following people who made The Winter Sports Meet very much a success:

  • Rebecca Brennen who took on the task of organizing the opening ceremonies from constructing the banner, decorating the gym and even to being Emcee.
  • The entire Community of Postville and especially those who opened their homes to the different athletics.
  • Cora Edmunds who spent hours on the phone to make sure everyone had a place to stay.
  • Jamie Jacque, our custodian who constructed the arm wrestling table and collected the wood for the Labrathon.
  • The RCMP who helped with getting students from the airstrip and making sure everybody got home safely on Saturday night.
  • Tyler Edmunds, Pauline Manak and James Jacque who helped with practices and made sure that events ran smoothly.
  • Carla Colbourne who helped out with the Banquet.
  • Finally, Mrs. Carmen Sheppard who went well beyond the call of duty to ensure the comfort of all athletics and teachers during their stay at B.L. Morrison.