Are You A Hockey Mom?

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You Might Be a Hockey Mom If

It is highly ironic that I’ve grown up to be a Hockey Mom. That’s because I grew up in southern California in the 70s and have never played a game of ice hockey in my life.

Yet both of my kids, ages 13 and 10, play ice hockey. They love it! Because they love it, I love it, too (duh).

I have noticed certain characteristics that I have taken on in the last few years that identify me as a hockey mom. I hope other hockey moms can relate.

Here’s my fun list of reasons you might be a hockey mom."You might be a hockey mom if...." How would you finish this sentence? Check out this list for all the hilarious details!

You might be a hockey mom if…

You carry a blanket with you at all times.

Your car seems to drive itself to the ice rink.

You’d buy a new stick for your child before you’d buy a new outfit.

You own a cowbell or know someone who does.

You think the refs are all crazy.

You think the other team’s parents are all crazy.

Your kid has gotten yelled at in a hotel for playing mini sticks.

You know what phrases like “bar down” and “two and ten” mean.

You refer to your child as an ’03 or U10.

You’ve lost entire weekends sitting in ice rinks watching games.

You know all the kids’ nicknames on the team, but you can’t remember the other parents’ first names.

You know the really, really cold rinks from the just plain cold rinks.

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on skill crane, vending machines, and snack bars just to keep younger siblings entertained while at the rink.

You love to watch your child play hockey.

That last one is my favorite, obviously. I might never have guessed that I’d grow up to be a hockey mom, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What about you? What sports do your kids play? Is there anything specific about their sports that identifies you as a swim mom, dance mom, etc.?

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