ASAA – Unified Virtual Basketball Challenge

Unified is hosting a Virtual Basketball Challenge! This is a two part challenge containing a Dribbling contest and a Shooting contest.

You can join in on the Rec Division by sending in your video and showing us how much fun you can have with this challenge *Note there will be no winners of this challenge but your names will be entered in to win some door prizes*


You can join in on our Competitive division by sending in your video and trying to get the highest combined score from both contests *Note that points can be deducted from a team if they do not properly complete the challenge**

When submitting videos please make sure the entire area of play is visible along with the athlete competing in it. All videos to be sent to All videos/photos that are submitted to this challenge may be shared by ASAA and/or Special Olympics Alberta on their respective social media accounts, website, and/or other publications. If your school requires exemption from this rule please contact Emily.

Click Here to see the two tests and rules for scoring

If you have any questions please contact Emily at


Contest Rules


Contest Instructions

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