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Campbell, Shea, Daley, Heartz, Heartz, Tanton earn gold at Atlantic wrestling championship


Drew Hurry, of the Island Wrestling Academy, won this match Saturday at the Atlantic Open Wrestling Championships Saturday at Colonel Gray High School. He finished second in the 54-kilogram cadet boys’ division.

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CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – More than 130 athletes between the ages of eight and 20 competed in the Atlantic Open Wrestling Championships Saturday at Colonel Gray High School.

It was the final tune up in preparation for this year’s national age group championships, which will be held April 7 to 9 in Windsor, Ont.

Clay Campbell and Karlyn Shea were two members of the P.E.I. Canada Games that won gold in the cadet division (15- and 16-year-olds). David Good and Drew Hurry won silver in their weight classes while Victoria Keefe earned bronze.

In  the juvenile division (17- and 18-year-olds), the P.E.I. team had gold medal performances by Noah Daley, Jesse Heartz, Zak MacNevin and Ben Tanton while Christian MacDonald won silver.

Daley will be making his first national appearance as a juvenile this year and hopes to find the podium again to follow up his silver medal performance in last year’s cadet nationals. Savannah Maclachlan, who was recovering from an injury last weekend, is also preparing to compete at the national event.

Results from Saturday’s Atlantic Wrestling Championships at Colonel Gray High School in Charlottetown.
Novice male
23 kilogram    

1. Tacari Howe, Sprawlers (N.S.).
2. Colby White, Red Rock (P.E.I.).
33 kilogram
1. Leland Benoit-Crane, Red Rock (P.E.I.).
2. Chase Kearney, Red Rock (P.E.I.).
Novice Female
18 kilogram

1. Evelyn Strapp, Newfoundland.
Kid female
28 kilogram  

1. Nataya Shields, Wolfpack (P.E.I.).
2. Braya MacDonald, Red Rock (P.E.I.).
Kids male
47 kilogram  

1. Jesse Foote, Red Rock (P.E.I.).
2. Julian Brand, Sackville (N.S.).
58 kilogram
1. Dane Lidstone, Sackville (N.S.).
2. Ryan MacDougall, Red Rock (P.E.I.).
Bantam male
37 kilogram      

1. Thomas Lipton, Mountain Top  (N.B.).
2. Tyler Pitcher, Newfoundland.
3.  Mitchell Misener, Sackville (N.S.).
55 kilogram
1. Colin Briand, Sackville (N.S.).
2. Kai LeBlanc, Mountain Top  (N.B.).
3. Johnathon Sherrard, Mountain Top  (N.B.).
60 kilogram                            
1. Blake Peddle, Newfoundland.
2. Emery Docherty, Red Rock (P.E.I.).
3. Anthony Johnson, Newfoundland.
71 kilogram
1. Samuel Acker, Mountain Top (N.B.).
2. Luken Lawson, Sackville (N.S.).
3. Brandon Mercer, Newfoundland.
Bantam female
52 kilogram  

1. Allie Collings, Red Rock (P.E.I.).
2. Kara Steeves, Mountain Top (N.B.).
3. Lexi MacDonald, Red Rock (P.E.I.).
71 kilogram
1. Vanessa Keefe, I.W.A. (P.E.I.).
2. Morgan Whalen, Newfoundland.
3. Lauren Ezekiel, Newfoundland.
Cadet female
49 kilogram

1. Isabelle Kaulback, South Shore (N.S.).
2. Alexandra Quinian, Newfoundland.
56 kilogram
1. Wendy Marshall, South Shore (N.S.).
2. Destiny Bigger, St. Stephen (N.B.).
3. Hannah Risser, Sackville (N.S.).
60 kilogram                            
1. Makayla Levy, Windsor Mat Kings (N.S.).
2. Annie Talk, Sackville (N.S.).
3. Morgan Haney, St. Stephen (N.B.).
65 kilogram
1. Kalyn Shea, West Prince (P.E.I.).
2. Jessalyn Taylor, Metro Amateur (N.S.).
3. Victoria Keefe, I.W.A. (P.E.I.).
80 kilogram                            
1. Hannah Hubley, Sheet Harbour (N.S.).
2. Julianna Murphy, Newfoundland.
3. Katlyn Morgan, Newfoundland.
90 kilogram
1. Angel Hiltz Morrell, Newfoundland.
2. Melissa Cobb, Newfoundland.
Cadet Male
54 kilogram  

1. Elias Wile, Metro Amateur (N.S.).
2. Drew Hurry, I.W.A.     (P.E.I.).
3. Cooper Dominix, Bridgewater (N.S.).
63 kilogram
1. Aiden Saccary, Metro Amateur (N.S.).
2. Tylor McKay, Newfoundland.
3. Jordan Pitcher, Newfoundland.
69 kilogram                            
1. Clay Campbell, I.W.A.     (P.E.I.).
2. David Good, I.W.A. (P.E.I.).
76 kilogram
1. Ben Swinimer, South Shore (N.S.).
2. Dakota Best, Red Rock (P.E.I.).
3. James House, Newfoundland.
100 kilogram                            
1. Owen Warren, Newfoundland.
2. Brady Barrett, Newfoundland.
3. Daniel Gavin, West Prince (P.E.I.).
115 kilogram
1. Kevin Michel, Newfoundland.
2. Matshia Ben Andrew, Newfoundland.
Juvenile female
52 kilogram                        
1. Jade Wilkie, Highland (N.S.).
65 kilogram
1. Katie Gatzu, Sackville (N.S.).
2. Emily Temple, Newfoundland.
80 kilogram                                
1. Emmie Dauphinee, Bridgewater (N.S.).
2. Hannah McPhee, Sackville (N.S.).
90 kilogram
1. Dakota Keddy, Bridgewater (N.S.).
Juvenile male
58 kilogram      

1. Aaron Pater, Newfoundland.
2. Lukas Clarke, Newfoundland.
63 kilogram
1. Ben Tanton, I.W.A. (P.E.I.).
2. Drew Caldwell, Windsor Mat Kings (N.S.).
3. Liam Saccary, Metro Amateur (N.S.).
69 kilogram                            
1. Evan Hopkins, Metro Amateur (N.S.).
2. Christian MacDonald, I.W.A.     (P.E.I.).
3. Brandon Benvie, Sackville (N.S.).
76 kilogram
1. Zak MacNevin, I.W.A. (P.E.I.).
2. Andrew Hatcher, Newfoundland.
3. Raymond Hazell, Metro Amateur (N.S.).
85 kilogram                            
1. Jesse Heartz, I.W.A. (P.E.I.).
2. Jack Cole, Sackville (N.S.).
3. Mitchell Plante, Bridgewater (N.S.).
100 kilogram
1. Noah Daley, I.W.A. (P.E.I.).
2. Matshia Pone, Newfoundland.
Junior/senior male
86 kilogram 

1. Shuashem Dyke, Newfoundland.
2. Jared Ernst, Bridgewater (N.S.).
125 kilogram
1. Michael Garland, Bridgewater (N.S.).


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