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Coaching Association of Canada launches Safe Sport Training

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Free eLearning module helps prevent maltreatment in sport

OTTAWA (April 3, 2020) – The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) is offering free online Safe Sport Training to help all participants in national sport organizations recognize maltreatment in sport and take informed action to address it.

After a series of nationwide safe sport consultation summits, federal-provincial-territorial sport ministers signed the Red Deer Declaration, committing to the elimination of abuse, discrimination and harassment in sport. In response, the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport was developed as a foundation for a coordinated implementation strategy to prevent and address maltreatment across the sport system in Canada.

With the support of Sport Canada, a CAC Safe Sport Task Force was developed to provide expert advice and feedback on the development and delivery of training activities to meet the goals and objectives of the mandatory training on harassment and abuse within the national sport system.

The Task Force included representatives of national and provincial sport governing bodies, subject-matter experts, athletes, and advocacy organizations.

Allison Forsyth, an eight-time Canadian champion and two-time Olympian in Alpine skiing, joined the task force and advocates for safer sport environments to prevent what happened to her from happening to other athletes. Forsyth was sexually abused by her long-time coach and believes better training could have kept her safe.

“If I had had a safe place to report, if I had been trained to understand what grooming was and the recipe predators follow, I don’t think what happened to me would have happened to me,” she says. “It’s essential that athletes and everyone involved with athletes receive the proper training to prevent maltreatment in sport.”

Lorraine Lafrenière, CAC Chief Executive Officer, says, “Collectively, we can create a better safe sport environment by coming together, taking the training and committing to our individual responsibility.”.

The CAC’s Safe Sport Training is available for free through its online learning platform, the Locker. It is offered in English and French, takes 90 minutes to complete, and meets accessibility guidelines. Importantly, it meets the minimum standards for mandated safe sport training for individuals under the authority of all Sport Canada-funded organizations. National Sport Organizations may also opt to use their own training, provided it complies with minimum standards.

“Everybody in the sport environment has the potential to be affected by maltreatment, and everyone has a role to play in preventing and addressing it,” says Dr. Ashley Sterling, a University of Toronto researcher, and member of the Safe Sport Task Force that created the module. “It’s really important for everyone to complete this training.”

Coaches certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) can also earn Professional Development points upon completing the training.

More about the Safe Sport Training module


Online Coaching Certification

The Coaches Association of Saskatchewan (CAS) is offering NCCP multi-sport training ONLINE to support the continuing development of coaches in our province. All workshops will be offered ONLINE through Adobe Connect.

The links below are the CAS NCCP multi-sport schedules for April to June for Community, Instruction, and Competition streams.

Competition–Introduction and Community workshops are $50 each for non-members.

Competition-Development workshops vary in price based on length, and are priced from $75 to $150 for non-members.

**Until June 30th, 2020, Coaches Association of Saskatchewan members will receive a full refund of the workshop fee following the successful completion of the trainingor can request a free registration coupon by emailing

Online Schedule – Community, Instruction, and Competition Introduction Streams
Online Schedule – Competition Development Stream


Here at the Coaches Association of Ontario we continue to stay committed to supporting Ontario coaches like you, with greater access to opportunities and information. Last week you heard about our Coach Bursary being extended to online delivery and NCCP training is available remotely. This week we have a whole new set of supports for you at this time:Take Care of YourselfTaking Care of Your AthletesProfessional Development eLearning – Low Cost & No Cost OptionsAccessible and Available Resources

 Read more below to see how you can take advantage of these opportunities. 
Taking Care of YourselfWith these unprecedented times, it can be easy to feel down and feel isolated and alone. Even under normal circumstances, coaches are known for putting other’s needs ahead of their own. By nature, most coaches prioritize looking after those around them, so during a time of extreme stress, like right now, it’s even more important that you carve out time to take care of yourself.
1. Monitor your mental health
2. Stay connected with friends, family- Free apps/platforms available
3. Incorporate physical exercise when you can – Free online home workouts available4. Wage subsidy support – Canada’s Emergency Response Benefit
5. Utilize resources available to you

Learn Tips & Tricks to Help Take Care of Yourself

Taking Care of Your AthletesWhile it’s been made clear the importance of social distancing to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our communities, it can be tough on athletes who were looking forward to finishing up or starting their seasons. Use this time to reach out to your athletes to check in with how they are coping at this time.
1. Maintain virtual communication – Free and easy communication platforms available
2. Continue to be a source for your athletes – Young people may also sense the anxiety of their parents.
3. Acknowledge fears and emotions – Free mental health support is available
4. Ask what you can do for them

Learn Tips & Tricks to Support Your Athletes

Professional Development eLearningAdvance your knowledge with these exciting eLearning modules available at your own pace, in an online format, available in the Locker! NEW Safe Sport Training
90 minutes, 2 PD Points, FREE

Gain knowledge and skills to create healthy and safe environments by recognizing, addressing and preventing maltreatment in sport.

NCCP Sport Nutrition
60 minutes, 5 PD Points, $20

Maximizing nutritional needs of athletes including; disordering eating, food allergies and nutritional guidance.

NCCP Emergency Action Plan
15 minutes, 1 PD Point, FREE

Create and use an EAP to respond calmly, quickly and effectively if an emergency arises in your practice or competition. 

NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability
45 minutes – 5 PD Points, $15

Providing knowledge to deliver quality, positive sport experiences for all athletes. 

Learn More About eLearning Opportunities

Other Available and Accessible Resources

This toolkit provides relevant tools and materials to support the use of consistent concussion protocols across all sport settings.

Complete concussion training with the free NCCP Making Head Way in Sport eLearning module!

Access the Toolkit

Sport 4 life Introduction to Physical literacy – 60% off eLearning course until April 31, 2020.

Head Start Pro Mental Training for Coaches & Athletes – 50% off until May 31, 2020. Use code TRAINON50.

Project Play – The Aspen Institute – Coronavirus & Youth Sports –

Webinars & Resources
Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we prepare to launch a FREE coach webinar series very soon! 

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