BCSS 2021 Volleyball Championships

BCSS 2021 Volleyball Championships

GIRLS AOsoyoos SecondaryMount Sentinel SecondaryCharles Bloom Elemenary Secondary
GIRLS AANotre Dame Regional SchoolAbbotsford Christian SchoolYork House
GIRLS AAAMount Douglas Secondary W L Seaton SecondaryLittle Flower Academy
GIRLS AAAARiverside SecondarySouth Delta SeocndaryKelowna Seocndary
BOYS AAbbotsford Christian SchoolVancouver ChristianCedars Christian School
BOYS AADuchess Park SecondaryLangley ChristianMennonite Educational Institute
BOYS AAAKelowna SecondaryElgin Park SecondaryR A McMath Secondary
Osoyoos Secondary
Notre Dame Regional School
Girls 3A
Mount Douglas Secondary
4A Girls
Riverside Secondary


Most Valuable PlayerCassidy Burns, Osoyoos Secondary
Most Outstanding LiberoIsabella Milton, Cedars Christian
Most Sportmanlike TeamFort St James
 Team All-Stars
 King’s Christian – Dakota deLange, Janna Schneider Ebenzer – Alayna Hamelink, Anna VanDelft Cedar Christian – Maddy Erbacher Charles Bloom – Jessi Cleverly, Jordan Andrew Mount Sentinel – Natasha Holland, Brynn Strelaeff Osoyoos – Kayla Burns, Nevaeh Law  


Most Sportsmanlike TeamWindsor Secondary
Most Outstanding PlayerLucy Millam, Mount Douglas
Most Outstanding LiberoAva Proctor, W  L Seaton 
 First Team All Stars
 Elizabeth Lee, Little Flower Academy; Olivia Peterson, Mount Douglas; Maenna Jackson, W L Seaton; Jesse Mitchell, W L Seaton; Manit Fiest, Dawson Creek; Giada Walentini, Mount Douglas
 Second Team All Starts
 Rylie Bondaroff, Dawson Creek; Maycin Unger, Duchess Park; Kally Hart, Mount Douglas; Ella Rohani, Windsor; Maddy Farrugia, Little Flower Aademy; Novah Gardner, W L Seaton
 Honourable Mention
 Victoria Leong, Little Flower Academy; Joshika Jouhal, Langley; Tasha Cheang, Crofton House; Carolina Bauchmeier, Windsor; Gretta Palvarini, Delta; Madison Florell, Duchess Park; Emma Knight, Carihi; Taya McCarthy, Dawson Creek; Linnea Schaefer, Carhi; Ilianna Hodgins, Windsor; Marina Radocaj, McMath; Lauren Eddy, W L Seaton


Most Outstanding Player: Annika Trask, Riverside
Most Outstanding Libero: Taryn Hope, Kelowna
Provinical 1st Team All-Stars
Tianna Kehler – NDSS Abby Hettinga – Kelowna Mackenzie Campbell – South Delta Jane McDonald – South Delta Jayden Armstrong – Riverside Emily Wezeman – Riverside
Provinical 2nd Team All-Stars
Megan Jones – Pinetree Kirsten Hill – Mt. Boucherie Simran Rai – Seaquam Alannah Wright – NDSS Lauren Way – Riverside Myah Cressy – South Delta  


1stOsoyoos SecondaryNotre Dame Regional SchoolMount Douglas SecondaryRiverside Seocndary
2ndMount Sentinel SecondaryAbbotsford Christian SchoolW L SeatonSouth Delta Seocndary
3rdCharles Bloom Elemenary SecondaryYork HouseLittle Flower AcademyKelowna Seocndary
4thKing’s ChristianBrentwood CollegeDawson Creek SeocndaryNanaimo District Secondary
5thEbenezer Canadian Reformed SchoolMulgrave SchoolWindsor SecondaryMount Boucherie Senior Seocndary
6thFort St James SchoolLangley Fundamental Middel/SecondaryDuchess Park Secondary Pinetree Seocndary
7thCedars Christian SchoolWest Point Grey AcademyDelta Secondary SchoolR E Mountain Seocndary
8th Mennonite Educational InstituteMcMath SecondarySeaquam Seocndary
9th Holy Cross SchoolCrofton HouseWest Vancouver Seocndary
10th St Michaels University SchoolCarihi SecondaryTerry Fox Seocndary
11th D P Todd SeocndaryLangley SecondaryClaremont Secondary
12th Archbishop Carney Regional SchoolVernon SecondaryDover Bay Seocndary
13th A R MacNeil SecondaryL V Rogers SeocndaryHandsworth Seocndary
14th  Bryne Creek Community SchoolSemiahmoo Seocndary
15th   Burnaby Central Secondary
16th   Yale Secondary


Girls AGirls AAGirls AAAGirls AAAA
Cedars Christian SchoolA R MacNeil SecondaryCarihi SecondaryBurnaby Central Secondary
Charles Bloom Elemenary SecondaryAbbotsford Christian SchoolCrofton HouseClaremont Secondary
Ebenezer Canadian Reformed SchoolArchbishop Carney Regional SchoolBryne Creek Community School Dover Bay Seocndary
Fort St James SchoolBrentwood CollegeDuchess Park SeocndaryEarl Marriott Seocndary
King’s ChristianD P Todd SeocndaryL V Rogers SeocndaryHandsworth Seocndary
Mount Sentinel SecondaryHoly Cross SchoolLangley SecondaryKelowna Seocndary
Osoyoos SecondaryLangley Fundamental Middel/SecondaryDelta Secondary SchoolMount Boucherie Senior Seocndary
Mennonite Educational InstituteMcMath SecondaryNanaimo District Secondary
Mulgrave SchoolMount Douglas SecondaryNorth Peace Seocndary
 Notre Dame Regional SchoolVernon SecondaryOak Bay Seocndary
 St Michaels University SchoolW L Seaton SecondaryOkanagan Missions Seocndary
 West Point Grey AcademyWindsor SecondaryPinetree Seocndary
 York HouseLittle Flower Academy R E Mountain Seocndary
   Dawson Creek SecondaryRiverside Seocndary
   Semiahmoo Seocndary
  Seaquam Seocndary
 South Delta Seocndary
 Terry Fox Seocndary
 West Vancouver Seocndary
   Yale Secondary
Abbotsford Christian School
Duchess Park Secondary
 Abbotsford Christian SchoolCollege Heights SecondaryArgyle Secondary
 Brockton Preparatory SchoolDuchess Park SecondaryBelmont Secondary
 Cedars Christian SchoolGladstone SecondaryBurnaby Central Secondary
 Credo Christian SchoolsHazelton SecondaryClaremont Secondary
  École Victor-BrodeurHugh McRobertsDavid Thompson Secondary
 Maple Ridge Christian SchoolLambrick Park SecondaryDover Bay Secondary
 Nanaimo Christian SchoolLangley ChristianElgin Park Secondary
 St Andrew’s Regional High SchoolMennonite Educational InstituteFraser Heights Secondary
 Unity Christian SchoolPacific AcademyKelowna Secondary
 Vancouver ChristianPacific Christian SchoolKwantlen Park Secondary
 Point Grey SecondaryMoscrop Secondary
 Revelstoke SecondaryOak Bay Secondary
 St Michaels Universary SchoolR A McMath Secondary
 W L Seaton SecondaryReynolds Secondary
  Steveston-London Secondary
  Walnut Grove Secondary


Most Sportsmanlike TeamBrockton
Most Outstanding PlayerLuc Brandsma, Abbotsford Christian
Most Outstanding LiberoNatanael Hann, Unity Christian
 Provinical 1st Team All-Stars
 15 Calvin Hsu (VCS) #6 Mitch Crosina (Cedars) #11 Joshua Worsley-Brown (ACS) #4 Austin Wilson (NCS) #12 Aiden Brandsma (ACS) #10 Matthew Ho (VCS)
 Provinical 2nd Team All-Stars
 #10 Evan Bowman (Unity) #10 Kasen Sikma (Credo) #12 Brennan Wicke (VCS) #3 Cole Libbus (NCS) Tony Kibonge (Cedars) #19 Calvin Vanderkooi (NCS)


Most Sportsmanlike TeamR A McMath Secondary
Most Outstanding PlayerWalker Sodaro, Kelowna
Most Outstanding LiberoSteve Yan, McMath
 First Team All Stars
 Sam Jablonski, Kelowna; Hudson Farrell, Kelowna; Nicholas Johnson, Elgin Park; Kendall Hamenick, Elgin Park; Justin Peng, Claremont; Tyler Tran, McMath
 Second Team All Starts
 Gavin Marerison, Kelowna; Zach Yewchuk, Elgin Park;Ethan Chang, McMath; Carter Munro, Claremont; Isaac James, Steveston-London; Daniel Lafleur, Fraser Heights
 Honourable Mention
 Tristan Cumming, Reynolds; Nathan Yee, Stevenson-London; Sean Kennedy, Belmont; Isaac Brajcich, Claremont; Jake Bolton, McMath

B.C. high school volleyball provincials: Lost power can’t sour kids’ enthusiasm in finals’ return

‘When the lights went out, I went over to the tournament organizer and we both kind of laughed,’ says McMath coach Daniel Wong. ‘Of course this would happen this year’Author Steve Ewen

The Kelowna secondary school Owls, after winning the B.C. Boys AAA Volleyball championship on Saturday. Front row, left to right: Oaklen Kowal, Maxim Storozhuk, Max Gainey, Owen McParland, Lynden Infanti. Standing, left to right: Mike Sodaro (head coach), Manuel Olliges, Sam Jablonski, Hudson Farrell, Kian Bos, Sebastien Manuel, Walker Sodaro, Tyler Valuck, Aiden Currie, Gavin Margerison, Brady Ibbetson and Steve Manuel (assistant coaches).
The Kelowna secondary school Owls, after winning the B.C. Boys AAA Volleyball championship on Saturday. Front row, left to right: Oaklen Kowal, Maxim Storozhuk, Max Gainey, Owen McParland, Lynden Infanti. Standing, left to right: Mike Sodaro (head coach), Manuel Olliges, Sam Jablonski, Hudson Farrell, Kian Bos, Sebastien Manuel, Walker Sodaro, Tyler Valuck, Aiden Currie, Gavin Margerison, Brady Ibbetson and Steve Manuel (assistant coaches). PHOTO BY COURTESY, MIKE SODARO

It was the fifth and deciding set of B.C.’s Triple A boys volleyball provincial semifinal Friday night at Richmond’s McMath secondary when the power went out, leaving the host Wildcats and the Elgin Park Orcas standing stranded in the dark.

And McMath coach Daniel Wong? He swears he wasn’t surprised.

Various volleyball provincial tournaments had been postponed a week due to travel constraints tied to the atmospheric rivers that had pounded parts of the province. The Triple A boys tournament changed sites on the fly as a result, moving from Kelowna to Richmond area schools.

The provincials didn’t happen at all last year, with volleyball and all other high school sports limited to practice-only mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When the lights went out, I went over to the tournament organizer and we both kind of laughed,” Wong said of Jordan Abney, the executive director of governing body B.C. School Sports. “Of course this would happen this year.”

The officials and teams got right to work, though. First they ascertained that the power outage was going to be lengthy. Then they learned the nearby Steveston-London secondary, where they held other tournament games, wasn’t affected.  

They got a Steveston-London administrator to meet them at the school to open things up, packed up the two teams and then made the eight-minute drive. After getting everything into place and warming up again, the teams were back playing about an hour after McMath had first gone dark.

“I walked into the Steveston-London gym and there were players from both teams and administrators from the school working to set things up. It was pretty cool to see,” said Elgin Park coach Matt Eckholm.  

Elgin Park had a 5-3 lead at the time of the power outage. By rules, Wong could have forced the fifth set to start over, but he declined, prompting to Abney to say he showed the “highest level of sportsmanship.”

Elgin Park wound up winning that set 15-13 to take the semifinal.

“It’s the kind of day that I don’t think anyone who was there will ever forget,” said Abney.

Brandon Sekhon, a Grade 9 middle who plays for McMath, added: “It was an interesting experience.”

The Kelowna Owls beat Surrey-based Elgin Park in the final in four sets Saturday, finishing off a 48-1 season. They did it despite losing star power hitter Sebastien Manuel to a broken pinky finger early on in the tournament.  

The Owls flew to Richmond, relying on parents and sponsors to help foot the bill.

“We’ll have to run a bigger tournament next year to pay some of it back,” said Kelowna coach Mike Sodaro.

It was a breakthrough of sorts for Kelowna. Sodaro has run their program since 2010 and he had guided the team to five second-place finishes at provincials before this weekend.

It was one of several good stories coming out of the volleyball provincials. Another saw Port Coquitlam’s Riverside Rapids capture the Quad A girls volleyball crown in Nanaimo. The nucleus of the team had won the Grade 9 and then the junior provincials. They, like everyone else, didn’t get to compete for a title last year.

Riverside came from behind to beat the Nanaimo District Islanders in the semifinals and the South Delta Sun Devils in five-set marathons.

“We trained all through COVID-19, when you had to be wearing a mask and you had stay socially distanced and this team stayed in the gym, grinding away, from October to May,” said Riverside coach Bryan Gee. “They put in the time, they put in the work.

“I love how hard the girls competed and how they played as a family.”

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