Championnat provincial scolaire de football cadet D2 et juvénile D1 et D2 – RSEQ 

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Championnat provincial scolaire de football cadet D2 et juvénile D1 et D2 – RSEQ 

D2 – Cadet École secondaire privée Saint-Jean-Eudes (41-17)Collège Charles Lemoyne
D1 – Juvénile École secondaire privée Saint-Jean-Eudes (23-13)Collège Bourget
D2 – Juvénile Séminaire Saint-Joseph du Trois-Rivières (17-10)Académie les Estacades
Cadet – École secondaire privée Saint-Jean-Eudes
Juvénile D2 – Séminaire Saint-Joseph du Trois-Rivières
Juvénile D1 – École secondaire privée Saint-Jean-Eudes

Action, passion and epic victories at Triolet High School’s RBC Stadium last Saturday, November 18, 2023! 🏆

In Division 2 of Cadet Football, College Charles-Lemoyne competed at the Saint-Jean-Eudes Secondary School, and it was the Condors of Saint-Jean -Eudes who took the victory with a score of 41-17! 🚀 Congratulations to the Condors on an outstanding performance! 🏅🔥

Players of the Cadet D2 match:

🌟Philippe Jubinville, Football Dynamiques CCL – Site officiel

🌟Zack Carrier, École secondaire Saint-Jean-Eudes

Division 2 youth football also provided a breathtaking show, pitting the Academy Les Estacades against the Seminary Saint-Joseph. The battle was fierce, but it was in the end the Green & Gold of the Saint-Joseph Seminary that clinched victory with a tight score of 17-10! 🌟 Let’s applaud them for their determination and well-deserved success! 🎉👏

Players of the juvenile D2 match:

🌟Jean-Philippe Tremblay, Academy Les Estacades

🌟Benjamin Desruisseaux, Vert et Or du Séminaire St-Joseph

Congratulations to the two Division 2 provincial championship teams! 🏆 These victories are the result of hard work, determination and exceptional talent. Congratulations to all for this memorable season! 🙌🎊

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