International Physical Literacy Conference 2019

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International Physical Literacy Conference 2019


The International Physical Literacy Conference 2019, “Moving Forward Together,” will be hosted in Winnipeg, Canada on May 7-10, 2019. This theme reflects the importance of bringing individuals from multiple sectors together to learn how to support the physical literacy journey of all. Leaders from across the globe are already signing up to share best practices and research, that link to our six streams, to advance the worldwide physical literacy movement. The six streams embedded throughout the conference are:

  • Physical Literacy as a Fundamental Human Right: International Policy; International Best Practice; International Advocacy; and Collaboration Activities.
  • Physical Literacy Across the Life Course: Early Childhood (birth to five); Kids (five to 11); Youth (11 to 21); Adults (21 to 55); Employment and Vocation; Parents and Caregivers; Exercise; Older Adults (55+); and Parents and Caregivers.
  • Physical Literacy for Health: Strengths-based Approaches; Public Health; Disease Etiology; and Fitness.
  • Physical Literacy – Strive to Inclusivity: Gender Inclusivity; Indigenous and Cultural Inclusion; New Migrants/Displaced Peoples; and Disability Inclusion.
  • Communities and Schools from a Physical Literacy Perspective: Physical Education Curriculum and Pedagogy; Physical Literacy over the Whole School Day (Recess, Extra/Co-Curricular – Before and After School); Active Transport and Environments; Physical Literacy for Communities (Supporting through Cross-sectoral Collaboration).
  • Physical Literacy – A Pursuit for Lifelong Adventure: Adventure Education/Outdoor Recreation; Aquatics; Risky Play; Structure/Unstructured Play Contexts (Designing Spaces for the 21st Century).

We will have over 500 international/extraprovincial delegates attending this event! Representatives from key sectors involved in creating physically literate societies (sport, healthcare, government, immigration, justice, military, vocation, recreation, performing arts, education, early childhood education) will be joining us. Our Call for Abstracts deadline is October 26, 2018, so please submit your abstract soon! Early Bird registration is also open! For more information on this, you can go to our website at

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