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The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011 Manitoba Credit Union Scholar Athlete Awards.  These awards are presented to student athletes who maintain a minimum of an 85% average and participate in at least two MHSAA sanctioned sports.  The students other school and community activities are also taken into consideration.  A total of thirty five nominations from across Manitoba were submitted, and the winners were announced at a reception held at the Manitoba Legislative Building on June 24th, 2011.  Each of the four finalist selected will receive a $1000.00 scholarship courtesy of Manitoba’s Credit Unions.

The 2011 Manitoba Credit Union Scholar Athlete Award Winners are:

Award recipients from left to right - Melanie Edel, Taylor Pischke, Noah Derksen, Alexandra Warburton

Melanie Edel, Morris School. Melanie was captain of her volleyball and basketball teams and also participated in cross country running, track and field and badminton.  She maintains a 94% average and is student council president, as well as a member of the Year Book Committee, Theatre Club, and Grad Committee, Superintendents Advisory Council, Band Volunteer and other clubs.  She was selected a graduating All-Star in both Volleyball and Basketball and received a Premiers Youth Volunteers Service Award, and recipient of the Dr. Dale Iwanoczko Memorial Volleyball Scholarship and the Student Citizenship Award from the Manitoba School Boards Association.  Melanie will be attending the University of Manitoba Basketball in the next year.

Melanie states “perseverance, courage and determination are just a few words that come to mind when thinking of high school sport… has not only helped me with my physical health but has helped me with my emotional and mental health as well….my education would not have been complete without high school sport….”

Taylor Pischke, Fort Richmond Collegiate. Taylor participates in cross country running, volleyball, basketball and track.  She was ranked as the top volleyball player in Manitoba and maintains a 96% average.  Taylor volunteers at Victoria General Hospital.  She was selected to the Graduating All Star team in both Volleyball and Basketball and took a Bronze Medal in High Jump at the Track and Field Provincial Championships.

Taylor states “friends, academics and community service were a huge part of my life at Fort Richmond, but it would not have been the same without high school sports. Participation in sports contributed to my overall personal growth and development and identification to the schools goals and values… improved my problem solving skills and gave me a chance to exercise leadership and commitment… it has helped prepare me for the future and the rest of my life’s journey.”

Noah Derksen, Mennonite Brethren Collegiate. Noah participated in volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross country running and track and field, while maintaining a 97% average.  He was captain of the basketball team and selected as a graduating all star.  In volleyball, where his team captured Silver at the Provincials,  he was ranked as the number four player in the province and also selected as a graduating all star.  Noah also helped out with the Kid’s Club at his church and Red Rock Bible Camp.  Noah also had a lead role in the school musical “Fiddler on the Roof”.  Noah will be attending the University of British Columbia next year.   Noah states…..“Being part of a team will teach discipline, respect, and determination needed to be successful in any area of life…..Everyday, we come into contact with many people, and we must attempt to bring out the best in everyone we encounter”

Alexandra Warburton, Sanford Collegiate. Alex participates in cross country running, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track.  She maintains a 98% average and also is a member of the Student Athlete Council, Grad Committee and a Leadership Class participant and as well sits as the Rural Student Representative on the MHSAA Board of Directors.  Alex was a graduating all star in both volleyball and basketball, and received the Carl Ridd Award in Basketball and was ranked at the number seven top female basketball player in the Province.  She was also awarded the Sport Manitoba Great West Life Youth Volunteer of the Year Award.  She also participates in Church Activities and organized a volleyball tournament to raise funds for cancer research.  Alex states “I will always remember the transforming experiences that high school sports have provided me with….through high school sport I have gained confidence in myself and my abilities….high school sport has helped me develop a sense of self and deep respect for teammates, coaches, opponents and officials….the lessons I have learned through high school sport could never have been taught in a classroom – they had to be lived and experienced.  It is my hope that one day I can give back to other high school athletes.”

The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association is a not for profit organization which coordinates school sport in the Province.   Approximately 30,000 student athletes participate in MHSAA activities along with 2,500 volunteer teacher coaches.  Credit Unions of Manitoba is a manger supporter of high school sport in addition to providing these scholarships, also supports high school athletics through support of major sponsorship.

For further information please contact Morris Glimcher at or 925-5641.


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