MHSAA 2023 A-AAA Basketball Championship

MHSAA 2023 A-AAA Basketball Championship

BOYS AFrontier Mosakahiken SchoolGlenboro/Baldur (Co-Op)Gilbert Plains/Grandview (Co-Op)
BOYS AAÉcole régional Gabrielle-Roy Virden Collegiate InstituteGreen Valley School
BOYS AAAGarden Valley Collegiate InstituteNelson McIntyre Collegiate InstituteÉcole secondaire Neelin
BOYS AAAACollège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate vs St Paul’s High School (Winnipeg)March 20, 2023 8 p.m.N/A
GIRLS AGlenboro/Baldur (Co-Op)Ste Rose SchoolHamiota Collegiate Institute
GIRLS AARosenort SchoolHapnot Collegiate InstitutePrairie Mountain/Nellis McClung (Co-Op)
GIRLS AAAÉcole secondaire Neelin High SchoolCollège BéliveauJohn Taylor Collegiate Institute
GIRLS AAAADakota Collegiate vs Collège Garden City CollegiateMarch 20, 2023 6 p.m.N/A

A Girls and Boys



Game 1 – #55 Baptiste Buck (Frontier Mosakahiken Grizzlies) and #12 Philip Ofime (King’s Knights)

Game 2 – #12 Kelby Diehl (Glenboro/Balder Panthers) and #13 Tyrell Jolicoeur (St. Laurent/Aurele-Lemoine Les Loups)

Game 3 – #31 Diego Ceresa (Gilbert Plains/Grandview Spartans) and #24 Shane Buhr (Elm Creek Cobras)

Game 4 – #33 Braedan Willan (Ross L. Gray Raiders) and #9 Sawyer Abraham (Pinawa Panthers)

Game 5 – #16 Klaten Dawydiuk (Elm Creek Cobras) and #3 Micah Neufeld (King’s Knights)

Game 6 – #8 Dustin Peterson (Pinawa Panthers) and #25 Noah Oughton (St. Laurent/Auriele-Lemoine Les Loups)

Game 7 – #15 Tyrese Bercier (Frontier Mosakahiken Grizzlies) and #11 Josh Romaniuk (Gilbert Plains/Grandview Spartans)

Game 8 – #11 Rylan Truelove (Glenboro/Balder Panthers) and #6 Alex Harder (Ross L. Gray Raiders)

Game 9 – Consolation Final – #10 PaytonTirschman (Pinawa Panthers) and #33 Laseck Brewer (Elm Creek Cobras)

Game 10 – Bronze Medal Game – #30 Zander Leforte (Gilbert Plains/Grandview Spartans) and #22 Hudson Meek (Ross L. Gray Raiders)

Game 11 – #3 Scott Peskoonas Jr (Frontier Mosakahiken Grizzlies) and #14 Tucker Forbes (Glenboro/Balder Panthers)


5 All-Stars will be selected at the conclusion of the tournament.

#55 Baptiste Buck – Frontier Mosakahiken Grizzlies

#12 Kelby Diehl – Glenboro/Balder Panthers

#10 Darian Giasson – Gilbert Plains/Grandview Spartans

#31 Diego Ceresa – Gilbert Plains/Grandview Spartans

#33 Braedan Willan – Ross L. Gray Raiders

TOURNAMENT MVP #33 Fernandez Monias – Frontier Mosakahiken Grizzlies

PLAYERS CHOICE AWARD #23 Easton Pfoh – Gilbert Plains/Grandview Spartans

AA Girls

Rosenort School

AA Boys

École régional Gabrielle-Roy

AAA Girls and Boys

MHSAA 2022-2023 Senior Varsity Basketball Participants

Frontier Mosakahiken SchoolFrontier Mosakahiken School
Ste Rose SchoolRoss L Gray School
Glenboro/Baldur (Co-Op)Pinawa Secondary School
Ross L Gray SchoolGilbert Plains/Grandview (Co-Op)
Minegozibe Anishinabe SchoolGlenboro/Baldur (Co-Op)
Rivers Collegiate InstituteElm Creek School
Hamiota Collegiate InstituteThe King’s School
Gilbert Plains Collegiate InstituteSt Lawrence/Aurele-Lemoine (Co-Op)
Girls AABoys AA
Warren SchoolÉcole régional Gabrielle-Roy
Prairie Mountain/Nellis McClung (Co-Op)MacGregor Collegiate Institute
Souris SchoolWestpark School
Virden Collegiate InstituteHapnot Collegiate Institute
Carman Collegiate InstitutePrairie Mountain/Notre Dame (Co-Op)
Hapnot Collegiate InstituteGreen Valley School
Rosenort SchoolVirden Collegiate Institute
Immanuel Christian SchoolImmanuel Christian School
Girls AAABoys AAA
St James Collegiate InstituteNelson McIntyre Collegiate Institute
Nelson McIntyre Collegiate InstituteSt John’s-Ravencourt School
John Taylor Collegiate InstituteCentre scolaire Léo-Rémillard
Collège BéliveauTranscona Collegiate Institute
Elmwood High SchoolElmwood High School
École secondaire Neelin High SchoolÉcole secondaire Neelin High School
R D Parker Collegiate InstituteR D Parker Collegiate Institute
Sanford Collegiate InstituteGarden Valley Collegiate Institute

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