MHSAA New Logo

September 7, 2017 by  
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MHSAA Launches New Logo

This updated design is a clean, bold, and fresh iteration of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association logo, drawing heavily from the rich history of the MHSAA brand. The redesign incorporates the most relevant hallmarks of the MHSAA logo throughout it’s evolution; The ‘MHSAA’ wordmark, the blue and gold colouring, and the hint of the previous oval shape provides a familiarity, maintaining the already well-established attributes of the MHSAA brand.
In an effort to create a refreshed and current aesthetic, this iteration offers a few subtle yet effective adjustments. The slightly rounded corners, found in the letters throughout, adds a smooth and updated style to the logo while creating a unified feeling between the wordmark and the full lettering below. The base of the wordmark forms around the golden horizon shape, an homage to the gold oval shape found in logos past. The outer legs of the M and the final A extend beyond the horizon, enclosing the entire shape into one consolidated piece.
With solid colouring, simple shapes, and clean lines both the logo and wordmark ensure seamless usage across all platforms, on screen and in print.

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