MHSAA Partners with Hudl

New Partnership: MHSAA & Hudl

The MHSAA is very pleased to announce a new partnership which will empower student athletes and
our member school’s sports teams to achieve their goals with best-in-class software and hardware. The
new partnership agreement involves Hudl becoming the Official Sports Video and Technology Partner
of the MHSAA.

“The MHSAA is thrilled to partner with Hudl – the industry-leading sports performance analysis
company. We know that our student athletes and coaches will take their performance to another level
by taking advantage of Hudl’s video-sharing, game breakdowns, and video products that are powerful
components of the platform.
– Chad Falk, Executive Director, MHSAA

“Hudl is thrilled to partner with the MHSAA to enhance the Manitoba high school sport experience. We
are constantly looking for ways to enhance the knowledge of student athletes, coaches and staff
involved in the utilization of Hudl’s video and analytics technology. We’re excited to be a part of the
MHSAA community and can’t wait to build on this great partnership.”
– Rachel Krasnow, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Hudl

About Hudl
Hudl is a pioneer in performance analysis technology, now helping more than 200K teams in 40+ global
sports prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Every product, feature and tool is designed with
one purpose in mind: to ensure coaches and athletes make every moment count. A complete suite of
video and data products ensures coaches have the insights they need and athletes get the shot they
deserve. From grassroots to the pros, more than 6M users utilize Hudl’s best-in-class software,
hardware and services, including online coaching tools, mobile and desktop apps, smart cameras,
analytics, professional consultation and more.

Information about Hudl’s products and services can be found at or contact:

Alex Heyl

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