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2014 NSSAF Track & Field Provincial Championship
June 6th & 7th
Cape Breton Health and Recreation Complex
Cape Breton University, Sydney, NS


Meet Information

Meet Directors:
Joel LeBlanc: Sydney Academy:
Greg Myatt and Lucia MacIsaac:
Host School: Sydney Academy

Executive Director Remarks – NSSAFTrack and Field Championships

It gives me great pleasure to write this message for the 2014 NSSAFTrack and Field Championship. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to qualify for a provincial championship and you, the student- athletes, are to be commended for your efforts. A special congratulations to the grade 12 student-athletes as you enter the final month of high school!

To the coaches and parents – thank you for all the support you give to these student-athletes.Their successes are your successes. Just to be one of the individuals or teams here this weekend is a great accomplishment.

Thankstothe Partners oftheNSSAF! Government Partners – Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Department of Health and Wellness;  Major Partners– Dairy FarmersofCanada,T.LitzenSports, ThePhysioclinicandSUBWAY Restaurants; Media Partners -Chronicle Herald and Q104 and the Official Suppliers – ComfortInn,EnterpriseCarRental, NovaTrophy andSTK Photography.

The Federation would also like to thank Greg Myatt, Lucia Macisaac, Joel Leblanc and the host school, Sydney Academy, for organizing such a great event.  It takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the school, the community and its many volunteers to run a championship such as this and we commend you.

On behalf of the Board of Governors and the over 180 member schools of the NSSAF, I would like to wish you all the best for a great championship.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Championship!


Darrell Dempster
Executive Director
Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation


General Information, Rules, and Regulations

  1. Coaches Meeting will take place at 9:00 am on Friday, June 6th. Location: Soccer Dome Board Room
  2. Opening Ceremonies will take place June 6th. Start time: 10:00 am, each school is permitted one male & one female per classification/school and a sign / banner or flag identifying your school. The full Championship Schedule is included in this document. Meet begins at 10:30 am.
  3. Parking is available at the site at a cost of $1 per day available at Pay and Display machines. Do not park on the grass or in assigned parking spaces. Buses may drop off the student-athletes at the Complex, and may park in an adjacent designated lot.
  4. The synthetic surface of the eight-lane track, jump runways, javelin runway, pole vault and high jump area are full-pour polyurethane systems with embedded EPDM granules. Pyramid and pin spikes only (max length 7 mm) are permitted for all events including running events, jumping events and javelin; this will be enforced at marshalling tents. Pin spikes available for sale. The circles for discus and shot put are concrete.
  5. Canteen and BBQ service will be available and there is a Subway, dining hall, and cafeteria on the CBU campus. Subway is open all day, dining hall open 7:30–9, 11:30–1, 4:30 – 6, cafeteria open 8-4.
  6. There will be an entry fee for spectator admission during certain times of the day. $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for youth. There will be no charge for coaches, athletes or officials.
  7. NSSAF Provincial Championship souvenir t-shifts will be for sale for $20 on site.
  8. The CBHRC dome will be available to student-athletes for extreme weather conditions, however, bringing your own tarps and tents is recommended. The Cape Breton Health and Recreation Complex building has changing and washroom facilities.
  9. First Aid/Physiotherapy services will be available for student-athletes on site, but are encouraged to bring your own supplies. Schools are expected to bring a first aid kit.
  10. Sporting equipment (balls / frisbees/ other) is prohibited at the track meet as they pose a significant tripping and interference hazard.
  11. Results will be posted on the Sydney Academy website. Medals are awarded to the top three finishers in each event and to all four members of top three relay teams. Banners are awarded at all divisional levels.
  12. Uniforms that identify an student-athlete’s school are requested. No “club” or “games” uniforms are to be worn during competition. Student-athletes attempting to compete in inappropriate attire will be asked to change before being allowed to compete.
  13. In throw and jump for distance events, each competitor will be given three (3) trials. The top eight (ties broken when possible) will then be given three (3) more trials. The best of the six (6) attempts will count for placing for advancement to finals. Rounds 4-6 will follow the “worst to first” order following round 3.
  14. The following time limits should not be exceeded: Pole Vault – 2 minutes; all other field events – 1 1/2 minutes. No unnecessary delay in making an attempt in any field event will be permitted.
  15. Equipment. Student-athletes in the Pole Vault must use their own poles. All other student-athletes must use the equipment, including starting blocks, supplied by the Meet Organizers. In throwing events, a student-athlete may request that the head official certify a student-athlete’s implement prior to the competition. If this implement is certified it may be used but must also be made available for use by all student-athletes in that event.
  16. Implements: Shot Put SB 6.00kg
    IB 5.00kg
    JG 3.00kg
    JB/IG/SG 4.00kg
    SPJB/SASB 4.00kg
    SPJG/SASG 3.00kg
    Discus SB 1.75kg
    IB 1.50kg
    All others 1.00kg
    Javelin SB 800g
    IB 700g
    All others 600g
  17. Starting Jump Heights: Class High Jump Pole Vault
     SB 1.45 m 1.80 m
     IB 1.40 m 1.80 m
     JB 1.25 m —–
     SG 1.25 m 1.40 m
     IG 1.25 m 1.40 m
    JG 1.15 m —–
  18. Hurdle heights & distances: JG 30″ X 80m
    IG/SG 33″ X 80m
    JB 33″ X 100m
    IB 36″ X 100m
    SB 39″ X 100m
  19. Hurdle placements: 80 m 100 m
    To first hurdle: 12 m 13 m
    Between hurdles: 8 m 8.5 m
    Fr. Last hurdle to finish: 12 m 10.5 m
  20. Hurdlers shall be disqualified if he/she a) does not jump any hurdle; b) trails his/her foot or leg below the horizontal plane of the top of the hurdle at the instance of clearance; c) jumps any hurdle not in his/her own lane; d) in the opinion of the referee deliberately knocks down any hurdle. They will also be disqualified if they interfere outside their lane with student-athletes in other lanes. Races can be re-run at the discretion of the track referee if a student-athlete is impeded to an extent that an “unfair” race occurs.
  21. All relays and the 800m, 1500m, and 3000m shall be run as timed finals. The hurdles, 100m, 200m and 400m races will have semi-finals and then finals.
  22. Qualification for track events with semi-finals.
    # of Heats – 2
    Qualification – top 3 + 2 fastest times to finals
  23. Blocks will be mandatory for the 100m, 200m, 400m, 4x100m, 4x400m and hurdles. Blocks will not be used in the 800m, 1500m or 3000m.
  24. The 800m will be run in a waterfall formation. This will be explained at the start of each race. 1500m and 3000m will be run on a curved start line.
  25. Individual student-athletes are permitted a false start each in all individual track events. Student-athletes charged with a second false start in an individual event will be disqualified from that event. For clarification, a semi-final and a final are two individual events.
  26. The 5th place alternate student-athlete from each region can only compete if a student-athlete from their region does not show by final call of the event. No student-athletes beyond 5th place in their region are eligible to compete at provincials regardless of how many no shows there are from that region.
  27. All track events have priority over field events. Competitors who are called away to a track event are to 1) let the field judge know and 2) report back as quickly as possible. You may ask and be permitted to throw/jump ahead/later of your usual order, but once a round is finished you lose your attempt for that round. For instance, a student-athlete could throw first in one round and last in the next round but a student-athlete may not throw 2 throws in one round. Please ensure your student-athletes understand this procedure and are proactive in discussing this with field officials and the clerk of track events. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the student-athlete.
  28. Special Athletes are permitted one person in the competition area per athlete as per NSSAF rule. If a Special Athlete requires more than one helper to successfully participate in the event, this issue should be discussed with the Meet Director at the coaches’ meeting on the morning of the event.
  29. Student-athletes are requested to stay out of the infield area unless he/she is participating in the event being conducted. Spectators and coaches must remain outside the track and off the infield at all times. The Track Finish Line area must be kept free from spectators and coaches at all times to prevent any accidental interference with the electronic timing system.
  30. No competitor shall receive assistance during the progress of an event. Coaches may not give advice from within the competition area and student-athletes may not leave the competition area to engage in dialogue with persons during the event. Communication between the student-athlete and coach not placed in the competition area can occur as long as it does not interfere with the staging of the event and is not considered assistance. Pacing in races by persons not participating in the race, by student-athletes lapped or about to be lapped or by any kind of technical device (aside from personal watch or personal GPS) is considered outside assistance. Also, possession or use of video recorders, radios, CD, MP3, radio transmitters, mobile phones or similar devices in the competition area is prohibited. Failure to comply: First Offence = warning by the referee. Second Offence = disqualified from the event.
  31. In order to more efficiently identify student-athletes in all events, all student-athletes will be issued a bib number which must be worn from check in until completion of event. All bib numbers are included in the School / Coach Registration Package and will be used for both days of competition. A $ 5.00 replacement fee is charged if the bib is lost. Student-athletes must have their bib number with them for event marshalling; hip numbers will be provided for athletes in sprints supplied by starter’s assistant team at marshalling and to fourth runner in relays.
  32. In laned events (hurdles, 100m, 200m, 400m), bib numbers are required. In the 800m, 1500m, 3000m, the student-athletes will receive the number 1-16 corresponding to how they are listed in the program. In the 4x100m and 4x400m, the 4th runner will receive a number based on their starting lane.
  33. Results will be posted on the results board attached to the grandstand and will be available on the Sydney Academy website: Meet Manager software will be used for entrants and results.

Awards Ceremony Schedule


1:00P.M.–Events 1–12 (Hurdles)
1:30P.M.–Events44 – 46 and 51 – 56 10:30/11:00amField)
4:00P.M.–Events 59-66(2:00pmField)
4:45P.M.-Events 27–32 (1500m)
5:15P.M.-Events 33–40 (100m) and 67–72 (4:00pmField)
5:30P.M.-Events 41-44(400m)

*Special Athletes will receive their awards immediately following their events.


12:30P.M.- Events109-114(10:00amField)
2:00P.M.- Events115-120(12noonField)
2:30P.M.- Events85-90(4 x100) and 91-96(200m)
4:00P.M.- Events97-102(3000m)
4:30P.M.- Events121-126(2:00pmField)
5:45P.M.- Events103–108(4×400)
6:00 P.M. – Banner Presentations


Track & Field Scheduled Events

Track & Field Records


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