NWTSS – Annual Jamie Shaw Tourney Tips Off

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Annual Jamie Shaw Tourney Tips Off

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Photo by John Tonin

LEADING THE BREAK – F.H. Collins Warriors player Maren Bilsky, centre, passes forward to her slashing teammate during the second annual Jamie Shaw Memorial Tournament on Thursday at F.H.

Annual Jamie Shaw tourney tips off

It was an electric atmosphere in the F.H. Collins gym as students filled the bleachers. They were there for the second annual Jamie Shaw Memorial Tournament.

Shaw was the athletic director at F.H. and soon became the vice principal “where his leadership had a profoundly positive impact on both staff and students” read his biography, which sits outside the gym doors.

During his 44 years, Shaw dedicated his life to being a coach, teacher, leader and mentor. He obtained countless coaching certifications related to basketball, athletics, hockey and strength and conditioning.

“Through his own dedication to sport, Jamie had success with his athletes as he was able to inspire many around to work hard,” said the biography. “Because he believed that hard work would pay off, he was always the first in the gym and last to leave.”

Maren Bilsky, a senior member of the F.H. basketball team said Shaw was like family.

“We kind of had our small little group when we were younger because not a lot of people played basketball,” said Bilsky. “He’s such an inspiration even though he couldn’t run and do everything, he showed up to workout and do physio. We miss him a lot.”

Ralph Hermosa, on the F.H. boys’ senior team, said Shaw not only taught them about basketball but also off the court lessons.

“He was a really good role model, he showed us everything not just in basketball but life lessons,” said Hermosa.

With the bleachers full, there was a short opening ceremony where friends of Shaw shared some stories – one focused on his kindness, and willingness to take a few minutes out of his day to help others.

The F.H. band played a wonderful rendition of the national anthem and then it was time to get the tournament underway and play ball.

The opening game was played between the Vanier Crusaders and the F.H. Collins Warriors girls’ teams. After player introductions of Vanier, the lights in the gym dimmed and the two video boards lit up.

A hype video of the girls played to the delight of the crowd who went bonkers throughout.

It was Vanier who got off to the stronger start by pushing the pace and getting easy buckets while the Warriors defence was scrambling to get set.

Midway through the quarter, led by Bilsky, F.H. found their rhythm and began to bring the energy on both sides of the ball.

Bilsky said the team was hyped up before the tip-off.

“We get really amped up and it gets a little emotional but if we can keep the crying under control then we are normally pretty good,” said Bilksy.

F.H. took the lead into the second, but Vanier quickly fought back as Nicole Farkas was getting buckets from the low blocks.

With two minutes remaining before halftime, it was 26-all, until the Warriors exploded for nine unanswered points to take a 35-26 lead into the break.

Bilsky said it took a while for the Warriors to get into the game but they just kept playing hard.

“We had a rough start but picked it up on the end,” said Bilksy. “We just got to keep on hustling and keep on going.”

The Warriors carried over the momentum they built into the third quarter. The pressed fullcourt and forced turnovers which lead to transition buckets.

Vanier adjusted their defence and clamped down, they just had trouble scoring.

The Warriors didn’t relinquish control and won their opening game of the Jamie Shaw Memorial Tournament 69-48.

Bilsky said the team is gunning for the title, to win it for Shaw.

“That’s all we want to do,” said Bilsky.

The second game of opening day was a boys’ matchup between the Warriors and the Porter Creek Rams.

The Warriors got off to an excellent start. Their rebounding was stellar and it led to second-chance points and on the defensive end, limited the Rams offence to just one possession.

The Warriors jerseys had Shaw scrawled across the back and Hermosa said that gave the team more motivation to go out and win.

“It gives us more energy, the team is just playing good together, we are all more hyped, we want to win for him,” said Hermosa. “It gives us more energy, I don’t know, it’s just a different type of vibe.”

F.H. took a 24-18 advantage into the second quarter but Porter Creek began to chip away at that lead. The Rams put their shoulders down and drove to the basket.

The Rams made their run, but the Warriors took the punches and took a 39-27 lead into halftime after Max Zimmerman hit a three at the buzzer.

The game was foul-heavy after the break and it was a frenetic pace. When either team grabbed a rebound they raced down the court for fast break opportunities, however, the ball handlers didn’t have support and it led to lots of turnovers.

Hermosa said the Warriors are still figuring it all out.

“We are just starting new stuff, everyone is still learning, we only had like three practices, everyone is doing well right now,” said Hermosa.

The Warriors refused to relinquish the lead in the fourth and when the Rams would score, they answered right back with a run of their own.

On defence, they clamped down and made it tough for the Rams to score. Hermosa said the team has focused on playing strong defence.

“Our main goal is to lock down D, we do offence stuff, but we’ll be really good once we get our defence down,” said Hermosa.

Down by 12, the Rams began to rush things, they ran out on the break when they didn’t have numbers and took shots early in the shot-clock.

The Warriors held on to win their opening game of the tournament 79-71.

Last year, the Warriors won the tournament and Hermosa said there are no plans of giving up the title.

“Definitely trying to win,” said Hermosa. “Most of us this is our last year, Jamie coached a lot of us, this is our Grade 12 year, senior year, then we are out of here.”

The tournament features the three Whitehorse high schools, plus teams from Skagway and Haines, Alaska.

The championship games will be held at 3 and 5 p.m. Saturday at F.H. During the finals, one lucky fan will have the opportunity to take a half-court shot for $10,000.

1 :30 Speech
2 :00 VC VS FH (Girls)
3 :30 PC VS FH (Boys)
4 :45 VC VS PC (Girls)
6 :00 VC VS PC (Boys)
7 :15 Haines VS Skagway (Girls)
8 :30 Haines VS Skagway (Boys)

7 :45 PC VS FH (Girls)
9 :00 Skagway VS VC (Boys)
10 :15 Skagway VS PC (Girls)
Lunch 11:30 Skills
12 :30 Haines VS VC (Girls)
1 :45 Haines VS FH (Boys)
3 :00 Skagway VS FH (Girls)
4 :15 Skagway VS PC (Boys)
5 :30 Haines VS PC (Girls)
6 :45 Haines VS VC (Boys)
8 :00 Skagway VS FH (Boys)

9 :00 Haines VS FH (Girls)
10:15 FH VS VC (Boys)
11 :30 Skagway VS VC (Girls)
12 :45 Haines VS PC (Boys)
3 :00 Girls Final
5 :00pm Boys Final
(Chance to win prize during Finals halftime)

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