NWTSS Scott MacAdam Badminton Tournament

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Grade 7/8 1st Devyn Dievert,

PWK – Fort Smith

2nd Autumn Sage McFeeters,

PWK – Fort Smith

3rd Jessica Dixon,

PWK – Fort Smith

1st Jessica Dixon/Cassidy, Giroux

PWK – Fort Smith

2nd Autumn Sage McFeeters/Claridean Jerome,

PWK – Fort Smith

3rd Emily Schaub/Brenna Beck,

PA  -Hay River

1stCassidy Giroux/Xander McMahon,

PWK – Fort Smith

2nd Jessica Dixon/Jason Jones,

PWK – Fort Smith

3rdDevyn Dievert/Quinton Marie,

PWK – Fort Smith


GRADE 9/10 1st Riella Bordey,

DJSS – Hay River

2nd Kezia McDonald,

PWK – Fort Smith

3rd Katesha Buggins,

DJSS – Hay River


1stAlysson Capulso/Katesha Buggins,

DJSS -Hay River

2ndSierra Balsillie/Riella Bordey,

DJSS – Hay River

3rd Hannah Porter/Devyn Dievert,

PWK – Fort Smith

1st Riella Bordey/Riis Schaub,

DJSS – Hay River

2nd Hannah Porter/Josh Kearly,

PWK – Fort Smith

3rd Lisa Boutilier/Zack Horton,

DJSS – Hay River


GRADE 11/12 1st Sylvia Lockhart,

DJSS – Hay River

2nd Taylor Maurice,

DJSS – Hay River

3rd Agnes Cockney,

PWK – Fort Smith


1st Agnes Cockney/Kezia McDonald,

PWK – Fort Smith

2nd Taylor Maurice/Jackie Larocque,

DJSS – Hay River

3rd Sylvia Lockhart/Fiona Huang,

DJSS – Hay River


1st Agnes Cockney/Darien Comin,

PWK – Fort Smith

2nd Sylvia Lockhart/Damian Hoffman,

DJSS – Hay River

3rd Jackie Larocque/Dane Dupuis,

DJSS – Hay River

Open 1st Amy Rice,


2nd Dominik Langford,

École Boreale

3rdCarole McLaughlin,

École Boreale


1st Amy Rice/Taylor Reid,

Deninu &Hay River

2nd Carole McLaughlin/Dominik Langford, École Boreale


1st Dominik Langford/Jeremy Kielstra,

École Boreale & N’dilo

2nd Taylor Reid/JJ Hirst,

DJSS – Hay River

3rd Katrine Lavoie/Garrett Peters,

École Boreale  & DJSS



Grade 7/8 1st Xander McMahon, PWK – Fort Smith

2nd Jason Jones,  PWK – Fort Smith

3rd Quinton Marie,  PWK – Fort Smith

1st Xander McMahon/ Quentin Marie,   PWK – Fort Smith

2ndJason Jones/Phoenix Marie, PWK – Fort Smith

3rd Tyson Maher/Conner McKay-Ivanko, PA – Hay River

GRADE 9/10 1st Darien Comin, PWK – Fort Smith

2nd Riis Schaub, DJSS –  Hay River

3rd Zack Horton, DJSS – Hay River

1st Darien Comin/Joshua Kearly, PWK – Fort Smith

2nd Zack Horton/Riis Schaub, DJSS – Hay River

3rd Nick Suwala/Kyan Delorme, DJSS & N’dilo

GRADE 11/12 1st Dane Dupuis, DJSS – Hay River

2nd Damian Hoffmann, DJSS – Hay River

3rd Braiden Charleton, Sir John – YK

1st Myles Boyer/Dane Dupuis, DJSS – Hay River

2nd James Beaulieu/Damian Hoffmann, DJSS – Hay River

3rd Brayden Sinclair/Michael Porter, PWK – Hay River

Open 1st Jeremy Kielstra,  N’dilo

2nd JJ McKinney, Hay River

3rd Ryan Dragon, Hay River

1st Jeremie Kielstra/JJ McKinney, St. Pat’s/YK – Hay River

2nd JJ Hirst/Phil Goguen, DJSS – Hay River

3rd Garrett Peters/Sherman Magtibay, Hay River


Badminton tournament grows

Paul Bickford/NNSL photo Loughridge Murrell of Princess Alexandra School leaps into the air to make a shot on Dec. 2 during the Scott McAdam Memorial Badminton Tournament.Paul Bickford/NNSL photo

Loughridge Murrell of Princess Alexandra School leaps into the air to make a shot on Dec. 2 during the Scott McAdam Memorial Badminton Tournament.

The number of competitors in an annual badminton tournament in Hay River has made a dramatic leap upwards.

This year’s event – held from Dec. 1 to 3 at Diamond Jenness Secondary School – attracted an estimated 149 players from Grade 7 up to an open division including adults, according to organizer Kelly Webster.

That compares to about 88 players last year.

Webster, noting this year’s number is a record for the event, said there are several reasons for the increase, including from three Hay River schools – Diamond Jenness Secondary School, Princess Alexandra (PA) School and Ecole Boreale.

One reason is the ongoing reconstruction of the Don Stewart Recreation Centre and the lack of an indoor arena this winter.

“I believe that is absolutely why we see so many from PA and Ecole Boreale this year,” she said. “I think there is probably a direct relationship there. Traditionally, December is a pretty heavy time for hockey tournaments and for our kids going and travelling. So this year nobody was heading off to a hockey tournament this weekend.”

Princess Alexandra School hadn’t participated in the tournament for a number of years, but this year sent 19 players.

Webster said there were also several reasons for more competitors from out of town – Fort Smith, Fort Resolution, Ndilo and a lone player from Yellowknife.

“Fort Smith has come the last couple of years, but they had some real success last year,” she said. “So their team was considerably bigger because I think they’re building on the success that they had. They had 32.”

Players from Ndilo participated because a teacher who used to be in Fort Providence moved to Ndilo and got students interested in badminton.

“So now I expect to see Ndilo here pretty regularly,” said Webster.

She noted that students from Fort Resolution also participated after an absence of a couple of years.

Webster said 149 is a huge number of players for the tournament.

To deal with that number, some games were actually played on the evening of Dec. 1 before the tournament was scheduled to begin.

Plus, some matches during the first round were changed from best two out of three to just one game.

“Just to make things fit in time-wise,” said Webster.

Fiona Huang, a Grade 11 student at Diamond Jenness Secondary School, enjoyed the tournament.

“I think it’s a great experience and there’s a lot of people from out of town here and we’re all getting together to play badminton,” she said. “It’s nice to get together to play the sport.”

Sherman Magtibay, who was entered in the open category, said he was simply looking for a sport and decided to try badminton once again.

“Last time I was playing was back in high school,” said the 23-year-old. “It’s pretty good to get back into some kind of sport.”

The Scott McAdam Memorial Badminton Tournament, which is sponsored by the Mackenzie Recreation Association, has been held in Hay River for about six years in a row after having moved around to various communities.

Webster said the Mackenzie Recreation Association had asked Hay River if it was interested in becoming the permanent home for the event.

–Paul Bickford

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