NWTSS – Yellowknife Table Tennis


Middle SchoolÉcole William McDonald School Middle School
Senior High SchoolÉcole St Patrick High School
École William McDonald School Middle School
École St Patrick High School

Another year, another successful NWT School Table Tennis Championships.

We loved seeing students compete at the 2023 Championships. Working hard in preparation for the event, showing up and giving their best. Volunteers, coaches, teachers made sure the competition went smooth, and even with lower numbers, we still had great matches to watch.

Results for the 2023 NWT School Championships:

High School Doubles

  1. Gracie Brennan / Zachary Mathison (St. Pats)
  2. David Dragon / Trey (St. Pats)
  3. Nathan Lavers / Seah Komuhangi (Sir John)

Middle School Doubles

  1. Logan Doll / Oliver Reitsma (WMS)
  2. Will Kanigan / Calen Knight (WMS)
  3. Karissa Sadowick / Carter Sadowick (Deh Gah, Fort Providence)

Grade 6 Male

  1. Carter Sadowick (Deh Gáh, Fort Providence)
  2. Craig Tracy (WMS)
  3. Jack Stiener-Leslie (ÉSJS)

Grade 6 Female

  1. Kathleen Cai (WMS)
  2. Karissa Sadowick, Deh Gah (Fort Providence)
  3. Emereigh Moffatt (WMS)

Grade 7 Male

  1. Owen Bowden (ÉSJS)
  2. Mussie Tesfazghi (ÉSJS)
  3. Kirtsean Ramos (ÉSJS)

Grade 7 Female

  1. Ana Villegas (ÉSJS)
  2. Lexi Blandford (ÉSJS)
  3. Akem Dzeumua (ÉSJS)

Grade 8 Male

  1. Calen Knight (WMS)
  2. Will Kanigan (WMS)
  3. Logan Doll (WMS)

Grade 8 Female

  1. Pontiac Mace (WMS)
  2. Cora Almond (WMS)

Grade 9 Male

  1. Aiden Langer (St. Pats)
  2. Paul Mendoza (St. Pats)
  3. Jacee Mariano (St. Pats)

Grade 10 Male

  1. Kai Shimada (St. Pats)

Grade 10 Female

  1. Lily Brennan (St. Pats)

Grade 11 Male

  1. Gabriel Brost (St. Pats)

Grade 11 Female

  1. Raine Mingo (St. Pats)

Grade 12 Male

  1. Nikhilesh Gohil (Sir John)
  2. Zach Mathison (St. Pats)

Grade 12 Female

  1. Gracie Brennan (St. Pats)
  2. Tamara Mathison (St. Pats)

ÉSJS = École St Joseph School

St Pat’s – École St. Patrick’s High School (Yellowknife)

Sir John – École Sir John Franklin

WMS = École William McDonald School Middle School

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