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High School Boys’ Doubles Michael Orrett/Spencer Robertson (LOSSA) Andrew Roberts/Prince Wang (TDSSAA) Christopher Brooks/Michael Ross (TDCAA)
High School Boys’ Singles Keenan Conlon (CISSA) Andrew Varghese (NOSSA) Dallas Smith, (SOSSA)
High School Girls’ Doubles Seija Huhtala/Camilla Marangelli (SWOSSAA) Sophia Lindy/Aly Lowry (TDSSAA) Meagan Duff/Caitlin Le (ROPSSAA)
High School Girls’ Singles Paige Baynham (WOSSAA) Madeleine Alexander (WOSSAA) Kiana Nikbakht (TDSSAA)
High School Mixed Doubles Evi Zafiria/Matthew Gartner (CWOSSA) Megan Killeen/Harry Wood (TDSSAA) Sarah Birch/Dylan Christensen (WOSSAA)
Open Boys’ Doubles Pavel Badaiants/Simon Stoula (YRAA) Jack Stein/Sam Wortzman (TDSSAA) Kevin Berghuis/Gijs Noteboom (CISAA)
Open Boys’ Singles Ryan Navarro (ROPSSAA) Peter Kuszyaski (YRAA) Neil Kandhai (ROPSSAA)
Open Girls’ Doubles Jada Bui/Maya Bui (LOSSA) Rita Colyer/Katarzyna Kubicz (GHAC) Nicole Clarke/Darya Maltseva (YRAA)
Open Girls’ Singles Sofia Kostirko (ROPSSAA) Rachel Hanford (ROPSSAA) Elizabeth Rozin (TDSSAA)
Open Mixed Doubles Tilly Rigby/Jack Sarabia (CISSA) Stephanie Afloroaei/Andrew Codita (LOSSA) Mia Tamindzija/Ryan MacLean (CWOSSA)


OFSAA honours Mr. Tennis in Peterborough, Kenner Collegiate coach Will Seeley

By Mike Davies, Peterborough Examiner

OFSAA coaching rep Sean Clancy left) presents Kenner Collegiate teacher-coach Will Seeley with the OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award during the OFSAA tennis banquet on Monday. SUBMITTED PHOTO

OFSAA coaching rep Sean Clancy left) presents Kenner Collegiate teacher-coach Will Seeley with the OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award during the

OFSAA tennis banquet on Monday. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Kenner Collegiate might not have had its tennis program for the past 18 years if not for coach Will Seeley’s crush on a young girl when he was in high school.

Labelled by colleagues as “Mr Tennis” in Peterborough,  Seeley received the OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award this week during the OFSAA tennis championships in Scarborough and Markham.

Seeley was nominated by his fellow coaches in the Kawartha high school tennis program. In addition to being the driving force in organizing local high school tennis, Seeley has also been a long-time instructor at Quaker Park Tennis Club with the Quaker Aces junior team.

“There is no greater praise than praise that comes from competitors and your peers so that means a lot,” Seeley said, of the award. “I’m just trying to keep tennis alive in Peterborough running the after school practices at Bonnerworth Park and trying to run the travelling team on Friday night and Saturdays at Quaker. Just trying to get a good base of tennis players here so we can compete at COSSA and OFSAA.”

Seeley played high school tennis at Orangeville District Secondary School and also coached there before heading to the University of British Columbia. While there he taught at the UBC tennis academy and then at a Burnaby high school for four years. He moved to Peterborough in 1999 when he began teaching at Kenner where he’s in his 18th school year.

When asked what first drew him to tennis, Seeley laughed.

“When I was 15 years old I liked this girl in high school and she was on the tennis team. She told me to come out and play tennis. I think that (relationship) lasted three months but the tennis kept going. That’s what got me into it.”

The OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award is presented annually at each OFSAA Championship to a teacher-coach who has made a significant contribution to the educational athletic program. The recipient of this award exemplifies the values of fair play and good sportsmanship, while promoting enjoyment, personal growth and educational achievement through school sport.

In their nomination of Seeley, the local coaches stated: “Will has been the convener in our area for at least 17 years. Every spring he badgers the city into putting up the nets, arranges the schedule for the courts and sets the dates for tournaments leading up to and including the pre-Kawartha, Kawartha and COSSA matches. In short he sets everything in motion, Through a local tennis club he volunteers every Friday evenings to work with kids in a program that has been going on for years. Many of the teachers at the high schools have little tennis experience so Will helps us out by giving lessons to other kids irregardless of the school or school system they belong to.

“Virtually every young tennis player of note in the Peterborough area has been coached and encouraged by Will Seeley. All the tennis coaches from each school in our area fully endorse this nomination. Here in Peterboroughh he is ‘Mr. Tennis.'”


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