OFSAA 2023 Boys’ Basketball


GOLDÉcole secondaire catholique E J LajeunesseSt Francis Catholic Secondary SchoolOakwood Collegiate Institute
SILVERGeorge S Henry AcademySt Joan of Arc Catholic AcademyUrsuline College
BRONZEWoodstock Collegiate InstituteAdam Scott Collegiate and Vocational InstituteSt Michael’s College
ANTIQUE BRONZEKenner Collegiate Vocational InstitutionSt Ignatius High SchoolNotre Dame Catholic Secondary School
CONSOLATION CHAMPIONWoodland Christian High SchoolThousand Isalnds Secondary SchoolSt John Henry Newman Catholic Secondary School
CONSOLATION FINALISTWoodbridge CollegeLondon South Collegiae InstitutePickering High School
École secondaire catholique E J Lajeunesse (SWOSSAA)
St Francis Catholic SS (SOSSA)
Oakwood Collegiate Institute (TDSSAA)

OFSAA 2023 Boys’ Basketball Participants

CISSA, The York SchoolCISSA, Cresecent SchoolCISAA, St Michael’s College
COSSA, Kenner Collegiate Vocational InstitutionCOSSA, Adam Scott Collegiate and Vocational InstituteCISAA, Upper Canada College
CWOSSA, Woodland Christian High SchoolCWOSSA, Our Lady of LourdesCOSSA, Eastside Secondary School
EOSSAA, École secondaire L’HeritageEOSSAA, Thousand Isalnds Secondary SchoolCWOSSA, St Mary’s High School (Kitchener)
EOSSAA, St Joseph’s Catholic High Shool, (Renfrew)EOSSAA, Smith Falls District Collegiate InstituteEOSSAA, Frontenac Secondary School
GBSSA, École secondaire catholique Nouvelle-AllainceGBSSA, Twin Lakes Secondary SchoolGBSSA, Bradford District High School
GHAC, École secondaire cadémie catholique Mére-TeresaGHAC, St Mary Catholic Secondary SchoolGHAC, St John Henry Newman Catholic Secondary School
LOSSA, Monsignor John Pereyma CSSLOSSA, Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary SchoolLOSSA, Pickering High School
NCSSAA, Notre Dame High SchoolNCSSA, Ashbury CollegeNCSSAA, St Patrick’s High School
NEOAA, Kapuskasing District High SchoolNEOAA, École secondaire catholique ThériaultNOSSA, Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School
NEOAA, Timmins High and Vocational SchoolNOSSA, St Mary’s CollegeROPSSAA, Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
NWOSSA, St Thomas Aquinas High SchoolNWOSSAA, St Ignatius High SchoolSOSSA, Eden High School
NOSSA, Collège Notre DameROPSSAA, Ascension of Our Lords Catholic Secondary SchoolSWOSSAA, Ursuline College
SOSSA, Guido de Bres Christian High SchoolSOSSA, St Francis Catholic Secondary SchoolSWOSSAA, Sarnia Norther Collegiate Institute and Vocational School
SOSSA, Smithville Christian High SchoolSWOSSAA, Bell River District High SchoolTDCAA, St Mother Teresa Catholic Academy
SWOSSAA, École secondaire catholique E J LajeunesseSWOSSAA, Herman Secondary SchoolTDSSAA, Oakwood Collegiate Institute
TDCAA, École secondaire Toronto OuestTDCAA, St Joan of Arc Catholic AcademyWOSSAA, Sir Fredrick Banting Secondary School
TDSSAA, George S Henry AcademyTDSSAA, Emery Collegiate InstituteYRAA, Thornlea Secondary School
WOSSAA, Woodstock Collegiate InstituteWOSSAA, London South Collegiae Institute 
YRAA, Woodbridge CollegeYRAA, King City Secondary School 
École secondaire catholique E J Lajeunesse, SWOSSAA

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