OFSAA – 75th Anniversary Luncheon Highlights Annual Meeting!

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Two-time Canadian Olympian, and OFSAA Champion, Perdita Felicien, delivered a retrospective and inspiring keynote to an audience of 140 past and present OFSAA dignitaries on April 18th. Thank you to Perdita for sharing reflections that home with everyone – many of whom on hand 28 years ago during her high school exploits.

For making this a memorable occasion, a special thank you to the entire 75th Anniversary Planning Committee:  Diana Ranken (Chair), Heather Chambers, Lynn Kelman, Beth Hubbard, Doug Gellatly, Barry Mutrie, Pat Park and emcee Martin Ritsma.

OFSAA Presidents (many of whom were/are on the SSC Board of Directors)

Ian Press (2015-2017), Tracey Parish (2006-2008), Nick Rowe (2019-2021), Scott Barr (2023-2025), Lynn Kelman (2012-2012), Katie Jarvis (2000-2002), Carolyn Chesney (2021-2023), Captain Ace, Anne MacDonald (1994-1996), Andy Martinson (1992-1994), Jim Woolley (2012-2015), Marg McGill (2002-2004), Martin Ritsma (2008-2010)

OFSAA Executive Directors – Lynn Kelman (Interim 2017), Colin Hood (1992-2003), Doug Gellatly (2004-2015, 2017-2022), Shamus Bourdon (2022 to present)
OFSAA Fabulous Staff

Front Row – Eric Espinola*, Mike Thorpe, Jen Taylor-Bennett, Steve Savor, Peter Morris, Bob Hancock

Second Row- Colin Hood, Nicole Clarke*, Lynn Kelman, Stefanie Mason-Harris, Diana Rankin, Brian Poste*, Jim Barbeau*

Third Row – Shamus Bourdon*, Lexy Fogel, Brian Riddell, Lindsay (Evanoff) Fulranic, Captain Ace (aka Adam Gellatly), Devin Gray, Beth Hubbard*, Doug Gellatly, Pat Parks*

  • = current staff

Please visit the OFSAA Facebook page to view a gallery of photos from this week’s Annual Meeting and 75th Anniversary Luncheon.

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