OFSAA Offering Regional Event Honorarium – Pick an Activity

Take Advantage Of A Regional Event Honorarium! Apply Now!

Regional Events Announcement2022

OFSAA is excited to introduce Regional Events for the first time! In an effort to increase and enhance opportunities for participation in 2022-23, schools are encouraged to apply online.

Do you have a sport in mind? Fun sports such as pickleball, spikeball, cricket or even another popular sport option are in play.

Successful applications will be awarded a $500 honorarium from OFSAA to assist with event expenses.

The philosophy behind Regional Events:

  • Priority on participation not competition
  • Provide student leadership opportunities
  • Target students who are not currently participating in athletics at the school
  • Event which introduces a new activity or one currently popular in the region
  • No eligibility requirements (ex. Transfers)

The items to be included in the application are as follows:

  • Budget
  • Competition Schedule
  • Explanation of how the event will promote increased participation in your region

OFSAA wants to see students getting active and having fun again. Remember to join the discussion by applying hashtag #justplay.

View the Regional Events Hosting Policy and find the application here.

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