OFSAA Sanctoned Events – Request Now Online

November 10, 2016 by  
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Requests for OFSAA sanctioned events now online

Schools who wish to host an OFSAA-sanctioned event or attend an invitational event outside of Ontario must complete the appropriate forms, now available online through OFSAA’s webforms setup.

The two forms can be found here –

Please also speak with OFSAA Special Projects Coordinator Diana Ranken ( for details.

Why obtain OFSAA sanction when hosting an invitational event?

  • Some schools are only allowed to attend sanctioned events
  • School athletes compete against school athletes
  • All students are OFSAA-eligible, so it is a fair playing field
  • Teacher supervision regulations are in place
  • The event is conducted with OFSAA regulations as a guideline for competition

Why attend sanctioned events?

  • All schools participating are member schools in good standing of their provincial/state association
  • All students meet the eligibility requirements of their home province/state
  • Event will be conducted using host association regulations as a guideline or as the official rules
  • There is teacher involvement in the convening of the event

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