OFSAA Teams Up With Vidflex For New Live Streaming Model

November 6, 2023 by  
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OFSAA is thrilled to announce a new partnership between OFSAA and Worldplay. Worldplay is now “The Official Live Streaming Service Partner of OFSAA.”

This partnership will bring online video streaming services to OFSAA indoor team championships, managed using the Vidflex™ video platform. This service will enable live streaming on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. It’s a flexible Pay-Per-View subscription model that ensures a shared revenue venture for both parties.

But it’s more than just streaming; this partnership provides an opportunity for Worldplay and OFSAA to train and support students and teachers in the online video production process, enhancing the viewing experience for fans.

Moreover, OFSAA will use this partnership to offer development resources to athletes, coaches, and referees through full-game On-Demand video downloads during and after the championships.

In addition, every member school will have the ability to live stream their school tournaments and events on their own channel using the OFSAA video platform.

Get ready to catch all the live basketball and volleyball action on the new OFSAA-branded streaming platform,, starting from November 23rd to 25th!

About Vidflex™:
Vidflex™ is a Worldplay service dedicated to providing the best online streaming solution for sports organizations across Canada. We specialize in streaming championships and league games. When you sign up with Vidflex™, you gain access to a custom-branded live streaming platform. We operate on a shared revenue model, ensuring a professional and seamless streaming experience for OFSAA and its fans.

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