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Roy Rana Joins the Podcast – Available NOW

Roy Rana is one of the most influential figures in Canadian Basketball.

He reflects fondly on the many rewards of coaching high school basketball at C.W. Jefferys and Eastern Commerce. He started coaching in high school at age 24 and he hasn’t looked back.

Rana stands by the theory of “be willing to take risks!”

After decorated tenures at the high school and university level, Rana is currently in his first season on the coaching staff of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

Listen to what he attributes to the steady influx of Canadian talent currently on NBA rosters. It’s not the answer that you’re used to hearing.

Ballers and coaches of all sports will find interest in hearing the name of a well-known basketball coach that Rana admires the most and the name doesn’t start with “Red” or “Phil”.

That and more here on Episode 5!

Be sure to give it a listen and thank you for supporting The OFSAA TIMEOUT Podcast which is available on all of your favourite podcast platforms or at

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