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OFSAA is excited to release our new video series –  “Why I Coach”.

Developed and produced by Ellum Media, the goal of the video series is to advocate for coaching at the high school level in Ontario.

“The opportunity to work with OFSAA and the three coaches we filmed with is one we won’t forget at Ellum,” said Liam Afonso, Co-Founder & CEO, Ellum Media. “Each video is a portrait and they are painted as heroes on the screen – because that is what they are to students. These are universal stories. Everyone can remember being in their formative years and the people they looked up to at school. Ellum is thankful to work with OFSAA to help represent these coaches as the heroes they are.”

OFSAA would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to the teacher-coaches who participated in the project:

  • Kwame Aidoo – Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School in London (WOSSAA)
  • Katie Gilmor – Eastview Secondary School in Barrie (GBSSA)
  • Kyle-Patrick Dennis – St. David Catholic Secondary School in Waterloo (CWOSSA)

Please visit our YouTube Channel (/OFSAA) here to view the three :30 videos and the master cut video (:60).

Learn more about Ellum Media here.

Ellum Media On Site at Eastview SS

Ellum Media filming at Eastview Secondary School in Barrie, ON.

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