OSN Launches The Officials Program: No Ref, No Game

OSN Launches The Officials Program: No Ref, No Game

Become a Ref. Stay a Ref.

To be a sport official is to view the sport from angles that emphasize integrity, fairness and decisiveness in an environment that does not always exude the same values. The Ontario Sport Network “Officials Program” aims to address and bring awareness to barriers that impact recruitment and retention of sports officials across Ontario, through research, awareness campaign, funding opportunities and more!

  • Learn more about becoming eligible for an Officials’ Bursary.
  • Utilize a valuable Officials’ Toolkit.
  • Take advantage of the research currently done regarding the recruitment and retention of our sports officials here in Ontario!

Don’t wait! Get involved with some of the Program’s initiatives and learn more HERE.

The OSN Officials Program was made possible through funding from the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries and in partnership with ITP Sport & Recreation and Sheffe Consulting.

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