PEISAA 2021 Award Recipients


The PEISAA has announced Darryl Boudreau as 2021 Coach Of The Year. The Bluefield Athletic Director has been coaching school sport for over 30 years in multiple sports.

While winning multiple provincial titles in his career, it is his approach and commitment to his student athletes, his role in mentoring young coaches and his overall understanding of the significant role a school sport coach plays in the PEISAA that make him so deserving.  Darryl expects a high level of personal responsibility, maturity, and sportsmanship from his players and they usually meet that expectation.   Congratulations!


The PEISAA has announced Colin MacAdam as the recipient of the 2021 Charlie Ballem “Builders” award. He recently was presented the award by Esther Hovingh, PEISAA Track & Field Commissioner.

Colin MacAdam was Commissioner for PEISAA Cross Country starting in 1995 after a few years he changed roles in becoming Commissioner for Track & Field.  Even though retired, he still plays a significant role in helping with PEISAA Track & Field events.  The PEISAA is very pleased to recognize his contributions over many years to our student athletes.


Rob Connell (Left), Zone 2 Rep for PEISAA, recently presented Jim Fisher with the 2021 Officials Award.

Jim Fisher has been a long time soccer official for the PEISAA.  He makes himself readily available and can even be found refereeing at one venue and then going to another venue on the same day.  He is well respected by the coaches and students and is very respectful of everyone involved.  “The PEISAA is very pleased to recognize Jim for his efforts to the PEISAA and our student athletes” said Joel Arsenault, PEISAA Chairman.


The PEISAA has announced that Barb Carmichael has received the 2021 School Sport Administrator Award. Barb has served as PEISAA Field Hockey Commissioner since 1999.

It would be difficult to imagine Field hockey in PEI without the work and dedication of Barb Carmichael. Her passion for the game is like no other. In fact she puts her life on hold during the PEISAA field hockey season, planning holidays and family events around the game she loves. 

Barb organizes leagues, tournaments, the Provincial Championship tournament, the venues, and the officials and makes them all run like a well oiled machine. Barb has played many roles in this game as a player, coach, and official. In her role as the Field Hockey Commissioner for the PEI School Athletic Association, she ensures that all who are involved receive the best possible experience. 

Barb is the Heartbeat of Field hockey. It would not exist at the level that it does in PEI if it were not for her tireless work she puts forth for all involved. She keeps it alive and it is thriving because of her. 

Congratulations Barb


The PEISAA has announced Phil Bridges as winner of the 2021 Merit Award. The PEISAA are pleased to recognize his efforts as the School Sport Coordinator, especially this year, when we were the only province to have leagues and provincial championships for all our regular team sports

This year with all that has happened with the pandemic, stress levels around organizing school sports have been high. Planning the season has had many hurdles. Phil Bridges has stepped up to the plate in a big way. He has gone beyond what is required of him as the School Sport Coordinator. He has done everything he can so the students could benefit from playing sports. Without Phil’s hard work all year long, we are  certain that we would not have been able to crown so many provincial champions.

Please join us in congratulating  Phil Bridges as the recipient of the 2020-21  PEISAA Merit Award.

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