PEISAA Fall Plans for Return to School Sports

PEISAA Announces Plans For Fall School Sports


The PEISAA has announced plans for school sports this fall. Outdoor sports can begin tryouts Sept 14. Volleyball is scheduled to begin tryouts Sept 28. Cross Country is still on pause. Click Read More for more info and for guidelines click on COVID-19 on home page Menu.

Following are the plans for PEISAA sports this fall:
Field Hockey – Tryouts not to begin before September 14
Soccer – Tryouts not to begin before September 14
Senior Baseball – Tryouts not to begin before September 14
Golf – Tryouts not to begin before September 14
Cross Country – Paused and status TBD due to the large numbers

**Volleyball – Indoor sports will be considered later in September (tentative start date September 28)

General Guidelines for team sports:
1) Teams will be in “bubbles” of no more than 3 teams for regular season and/or exhibition games.
2) Team will play no more than 4 games scheduled by PEISAA, before play-offs.
3) No sport can begin play-offs until after October 5.
4) Students must arrive at the hosting school/facility prepared to play as there will be no access into the host school.  Students will not have access into school after the game.
5) Transportation will be coordinated by the traveling school.  Buses will not be available at this point in time.  Details around carpooling will be provided.
6) Details on spectators will be announced before games start being played.
7) Tournaments, on Island or off-Island, will not be sanctioned by PEISAA./

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