SHSAA Return to School Sport Considerations

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Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association (SHSAA) believes that they provide the administrative format
for all high school sport activities on behalf of the Members (boards of education, conseils scolaire, independent
schools registered with the Ministry, and independent First Nation schools). Sport and recreation play an
important role in the holistic development of youth including their social, emotional, and physical well-being.

This page provides suggestions that can be adopted by schools to enhance safety in the activities they participate
in. Sport activities sanctioned by a School Division or a School’s educational authority will need to abide by any
restrictions that are put in place by that authority.
General Considerations
• Individuals who are sick must stay home
• Personal hygiene continues to be key
• Water bottles for personal use only
• Enhanced cleaning and disinfection
• Masks can be utilized by participants during play and/or when not actively involved in the competition
• Spacing when not actively involved in the competition
• Gradual progression while returning to activity to limit/decrease the opportunity for injury
• Provide support for athletes’ mental health
• Promote local officiating
• Travel to and from event should follow guidelines set out by the sponsoring school or school division
• Acknowledgement of opposition is a crucial component to the sportsmanship and respect demanded by
those involved in school sport:
o Competitors should acknowledge their opposition in an appropriate non-contact manner
▪ i.e. no hand shakes; do three-cheers instead

Enjoy being involved in the activities that you are passionate about and
participate in a safe and responsible way!

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