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**UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the participating teams**

You asked and we listened. For the next 2 weeks we will be running the SSNL Ball Hockey Fan Choice Bracket!

Just like the Hoopla Bracket, we have Fan Choice Banners waiting for the Champions! So rally your fans, and get ready to vote your team to victory!

Unlike the Hoopla Bracket, this contest will be hosted on the School Sports NL Twitter page (

Match-ups will be posted each day in the form of Twitter Polls. These polls will be contained in a single Twitter Thread that will remain pinned to the top of our page to ensure easy access for voting. In simpler terms, it will be the first tweet you see at the top of our page.

All classifications, for both Boys and Girls, will run from Monday to Friday of their respective weeks. Voting will be open Monday-Thursday, with winners announced on Friday.

Week 1 (May 11-15): Boys Fan Choice Bracket 

Week 2 (May 19-26): Girls Fan Choice Bracket
–> We will be observing the Victoria Day Holiday on Monday May 18, so the Girls Bracket will begin Tuesday and run into the start of the next week.

The teams in the Boys Ball Hockey Fan Choice Bracket are ONLY those schools that REGISTERED for the SSNL Boys Qualifiers prior to schools closing. For Girls, it is ONLY those schools that DECLARED their intent to play in the SSNL Ball Hockey Qualifier prior to the Declaration Deadline.

How each week will look:

Monday/Tuesday: Round 1/Round 2
–> Tournaments will be posted for ‘A’|2A|3A|4A at 10AM
–> Voting will be open until midnight.
–> When the polls close, the 2 teams with the highest percentage per poll will advance

Wednesday: Semi-Finals
–> Match-ups posted at 10AM. Voting open until midnight.
–> The team with the highest percentage per poll will advance to the Finals

Thursday: Finals
–> Match-ups posted at 10AM. Voting open until midnight.
–> When the poll closes, the team with the highest percentage per poll wins the tournament.

Friday: The winning team per classification is announced


Due to the number of teams, the Boys 2A & 4A brackets, as well as the Girls “A” Bracket, will have an additional round – Round 3 – on Wednesday, with Semi-Finals on Thursday and Finals on Friday. The final results will be announced on Monday for those particular match-ups.

How To Vote:

  • Visit the School Sports NL Twitter page – the Fan Choice ‘Tweet’ will be the first tweet you see. Click on the tweet to access the thread of polls for each classification, then scroll until you find your team.
  • Click the circle next to your team name to cast your vote.
  • Don’t forget to share with your friends & family since you only get one vote.

Voting is open each day from 10AM-Midnight.

***Participating Teams***

SSNL Boys Ball Hockey Bracket

A Boys
2A Boy
3A Boys
4A Boys

SSNL Girls Ball Hockey Bracket

A Girls
2A Girls
4A Girls

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