SSNL Hoopla Fan Choice Bracket – Vote NOW!!!


We are hosting an SSNL Hoopla Fan Choice Bracket on our School Sports NL Instagram account(@SchoolSportsNL). Specifically, in our Instagram Stories.

In a single elimination bracket-style tournament, our original Hoopla qualified teams will face-off in their respective classifications until one team from each is crowned the SSNL Hoopla Fan Choice Champion! In addition to the coveted title, the team will receive a unique banner from SSNL marking their victory during this exciting event.

Starting Monday, March 30th, we will post the full brackets for the week and then match-ups daily at 10AM. Voting will occur in rounds over the course of the week and each game will be open for voting for 22 hours. The final votes for each round will be tallied at 8AM the following day to determine who moves on to the next round.

During those 22 hours, players, coaches, teacher-sponsors, schools, families, friends and any other general fan of SSNL with an Instagram account will be able to view the match-ups and vote on the winner. You can only vote once so get the message out to all your friends and family to help your favourite teams win!!!

This event will take place over the course of 2 weeks, running from Monday to Friday each week.

Week 1:
“A” Boys | 2A Boys | 3A Girls | 4A Girls

Week 2:
“A” Girls | 2A Girls | 3A Boys | 4A Boys

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