SSNL Welcomes Steve O’Brien and his Walk, Run, Roll Campaign to St John’s

December 23, 2015 by  
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Steve O’Brien has finished his cross country @WalkRunRoll campaign to fight against school dropouts and SSNL staff were on hand to congratulate Steve and present him with a SSNL Jacket and toque!

The Steve O’Brien Foundation organized a cross canada tour to help raise money and awareness to fight against school dropouts and promote the importance of staying of school. Steve also challenged himself to travel across the country using suggestions from numerous schools on what mode of transportation he should use for some of the way and we saw everything from bikes to scooters to pogo sticks!

Check out his website for details on the tour and the route he travelled before ending up in beautiful St. John’s.

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Candice Petten (SSNL PN Unplugged Coordinator on the left), Steve O’Brien, Courtney Russell (SSNL PN Program Coordinator on the right).





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