The OFSAA Café (Teacher-Coach Workshops)

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The OFSAA Café (Teacher-Coach Workshops)

The program encompasses a wide variety of sessions for both curricular and co-curricular programs geared towards high school educators. The aim of the short 20 to 30 minute weekly online workshops is to increase participants’ knowledge of several areas of school sport, expose them to new and unconventional sports, introduce alternative teaching methods, address current issues in schools and provide opportunities for group discussions with peers.

**All workshops are free to teacher-coaches in Ontario schools.

Do you have a great lesson, drill, mental or physical activity that you would love to share with fellow educators?  Sign up and share today!  Just click here for more details. 

Our first workshop has been booked! 

CrossFit in Today’s Classroom with Clayton Martino”

Join us on Monday, November 23rd @ 3pm.  Register here today.

Workshop Announcement! 

Mental Training for Athletes and Students with Marc Messier”

Join us on Monday, November 30th @ 3pm.  Register here today.

New Workshop Scheduled!

“Mindful Movement through Yoga with Tracy Galbraith”

Join us Wednesday, December 9th @ 3pm.  Register here today.

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