We Will Play A-Nothers Day!

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Storms don’t last forever, but Nothers The Awards Store wants you to stand atop your own podium during COVID-19   They wanted to see your faces when their medals were placed around your neck at the Ontario Championships, but sometimes life serves up a wicked good float serve. But there is always sunshine after a storm and Nothers The Awards Store wants to help you find ways to award yourself, and those you care about, by providing Challenges for Positive Awards.  

Challenge 1: Get your 10,000 steps in daily and challenge your teammates to do the same. Be sure to exercise while practicing good hygiene and following all safety recommendations. Award: Healthy Body and Mind. Working up a glisten will help relieve anxiety, burn off energy and keep your mind sharp and active.

Challenge 2: Call someone you have not spoke to in at least a month, or longer. Award: Fresh conversations. Connecting with people you don’t speak to daily will provide you both with a new and meaningful conversation while reducing the feeling of loneliness for yourself and someone else.

Challenge 3: Set three (3) goals and detail your plan to achieve them. Award: You will have something to look forward to. And who knows, with all this time at home your creative juices may spark a new interest, provide you with a new hobby, or reinforce one you already love.  

Nothers The Awards Store has been the long-time awards supplier of the Ontario Volleyball Association and Jim and his team believes you will find your way atop your own podium during this storm if we all stay positive.

Visit for a free printable version of a COVID 19 tips to stay safe reminder sheet.

Stay safe, stay positive and remember, storms don’t last forever.

We’ll play a-Nothers day!

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