YSAA Super Hoops Championship

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2017 Super Hoops Champions

Girls Champions: F. H.  Collins Warriors
Boys Champions: Vanier Catholic Secondary School


 All Stars and MVP for the Super Hoops finals.  (11/12 Varsity Basketball League)



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Photo by Marissa Tiel

BREAK THROUGH THE WALL – Emily Johnson of the F.H. Warriors shoots on basket as the Porter Creek Rams’ Tasha-Lee Swartz defends during Superhoops finals action at Vanier Secondary School last Friday. The Warriors beat the Rams 92-40.

Warriors dominate final to win Super Hoops title

The F.H. Warriors senior girls basketball team captured their third Super Hoops title in the last four years.

By Marissa Tiel on March 6, 2017

The F.H. Warriors senior girls basketball team captured their third Super Hoops title in the last four years.Last Friday at Vanier Secondary School, the Warriors more than doubled the score, beating the Porter Creek Rams 92-40 to win the final.

“To be honest, it was a solid game,” said Rams coach Nicole Cross. “We’ve played F.H., which is an incredibly hard team to play. They’re very good at playing basketball, so this is one of our better-scoring games against F.H.

“I think the girls held their own really well.”

The Rams’ Lina Jensen led her team in scoring with 15 points.

The first half of the game was slow and the Rams got into foul trouble with a few of their players. Janessa Bekar fouled out by the end of the game and Thea Carey and Landyn Bushner came close.

The Warriors were up 41-11 at half.

“I thought we played really well as a team,” said Warriors coach Christine Kirk.

“They’ve just improved so much this year. They’re strong.”

The Warriors controlled the game from the start, driving to the basket and shooting 3s.

“That’s one thing we talked about in practice,” said Kirk. “We wanted to take threes in a game and they did.”

The Warriors’ Jetta Bilsky, who was named Super Hoops MVP, led scoring with 16 points.

Emily Johnson and Dylan Massie combined for three 3s and 23 points.

“I felt like it went really well,” said Bilsky, who is in Grade 11. “We really pushed our limits and played the game at the pace we wanted to play and really worked together as a team and that felt really good.”

It didn’t matter who was on the court. The Warriors all connected with passes, shooting and rebounds.

“I could put any one of the thirteen on and they’re all pretty strong,” said coach Kirk.

Bilsky said that playing as a team and not as five individuals is something they’ve been working on in practice.

“We made sure that everybody knew what they were doing and we knew that it’s not all about the plays we might have set up, but that it’s also about playing basketball and that kind of gave everybody the freedom and that just had us work[ing] together even more and control[ling] what was going on.”

The Warriors have been the team to beat this season; they haven’t been sitting on their laurels.

They’ve done a bit of travelling and playing teams outside Whitehorse.

Earlier in the season they travelled to Vancouver for a tournament where they had a tough time.

“We got killed in Vancouver,” said Kirk. “But it was great for us because we came back that much better.”

With just a week until the Yukon high school championships, Kirk said that the team is going to be working on keeping their intentity up.

Of the Yukon championships, Kirk said, “You never know what can happen.”

The YSAA Super Hoops girls all-stars were: Krysha Rubio (Vanier Crusaders), Sheri Corteanu (F.H. Warriors), Jayden Demchuk (F.H. Warriors), Lina Jensen (Porter Creek Rams), and Kataya Ulrich (Porter Creek Rams). Bilsky was named the 2017 Super Hoops girls MVP.


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Photo by Marissa Tiel

AVOIDS THE BLOCK – The Porter Creek Rams’ Morgan Blattman shoots as the Vanier Crusaders’ Ian New defends during Super Hoops finals action last Friday.

Crusaders topple Rams on way to Super Hoops title

The Crusaders basketball dynasty continues

By Marissa Tiel on March 6, 2017

The Crusaders basketball dynasty continues as the Vanier Secondary School’s senior boys basketball team won their fourth Super Hoops title in four years.

Ian New, of the Crusaders, led scoring with 20 points, followed closely by Dave Mindanao with 17.

“It feels great, but we have to be more focused on the Yukon champs,” said New. “Right now we’re just happy that we won this Super Hoops Champs.”

The Crusaders jumped to an early lead and were up 57-33 at half.

The Rams came back in the second half with a burst of focused energy, but it was too little, too late and the Crusaders won the final 84-65.

“We started pretty intense off the bat and we kept going every quarter,” said New.

The gym’s bleachers were almost at capacity for the senior boys’ game, which started after the girls’ final.

The Rams’ Evan Milenk led scoring for his team with 13 points.

In a week teams from across the territory will arrive in Whitehorse for the Yukon high school championships. There, the Vanier Crusaders will attempt to capture their sixth consecutive title.

“We have to work on our defence,” said New, who was also named the Super Hoops MVP. “We have no problem scoring because we have a bunch of guys who can shoot on the three or inside.”

The YSAA Super Hoops boys all-stars were: Ralph Hermoza (F.H. Warriors), Jared Peterson (Porter Creek Rams), Evan Milenk (Porter Creek rams), Dave Mindanao (Vanier Crusaders), and Michael Trinidad (Vanier Crusaders). New was named the 2017 Super Hoops boys MVP.

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