PEISAA Announces the 2023 Charlie Ballum Builder’s Award Recipient

Charlie Ballum Builder’s Award

The PEISAA has announced the 2023 Charlie Ballum Builder’s Award has been presented to John Turner.  In 2009 Turner was one of two individuals responsible for introducing Int Flag Football to the PEISAA.  This spring there were 67 teams in Int Flag Football.  Congratulations!

The “Builders’ Award” is an Annual Award presented by the Prince Edward Island School Athletic Association. This Builders’Award is presented to a former member of the P.E.I.S.A.A. to recognize an outstanding contribution towards the promotion and development of School Athletics in Prince Edward Island.

CRITERIA FOR THE AWARD: In order to be nominated for this Award, the individual must have contributed to SchoolAthletics in any of the following:
(A) Administrator: (1) Executive Member (2) Sport Commissioner (3) Committee Member (4) Tournament Manager
(B) Builder: (1) Sport (2) Program (3) Constitution/By-Laws
(C) Promotor – Advocate: (1) Education (2) School Athletics (3) Sport (4) Fair Play
(D) Volunteer: (1) Coach (2) Manager / Liaison (3) Official
(E) Recognition of the Values of School Athletics: In nominating an individual for this award, the nominator must be able to demonstrate how this nominee influenced the growth and development of School Athletics on Prince EdwardIsland.

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