MHSAA – 2020 Credit Unions of Manitoba Scholar Athlete Awards

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2020 Credit Unions of Manitoba Scholar Athlete Awards Presented The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association, with support from Manitoba’s Credit Unions, is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019-2020 Credit Unions of Manitoba High School Scholar Athlete Awards. These $1,000 scholarships are awarded to four graduating high school student athletes who maintained a minimum 85% average and competed in at least two interscholastic sports. Other criteria included school, community, volunteer, and citizenship activities.55 students were nominated this year:

Ashley Alimodian – Elmwood High School

Erik Barrett – Minnedosa Collegiate

Devon Borody – Portage Collegiate

Amee Butterfield – Souris School

Keaton Cline – Killarney School

Tanner Clyne – Boissevain School

Kassidy Curry – Morden Collegiate

Zachary DeGraeve – Treherne Collegiate

Shekinah Dixon – The King’s School

Emilie Dornez – College Regional Gabrielle-Roy

Andrew Dyck – W.C. Miller Collegiate

Briana Ehrmantraut – St. James Collegiate

Peter Enns – Garden Valley Collegiate

Blake Friesen – MacGregor Collegiate

Mandan Frolek – Miles Macdonell Collegiate

Anna Garnett – Major Pratt School

Robert Gerstner – St. Paul’s High School

Eve Goderis – Prairie Mountain High School

Brian Hayes – St. John’s Ravenscourt School

Paige Heidi – Steinbach Regional Secondary

Madison Hiebert – Ecole Edward Schreyer School

Jayden Hildebrand – W.C. Miller Collegiate

Arlynne Hyra – Vincent Massey High School

Tenley Ilnisky – Gilbert Plains Collegiate

Peighton Johnson – Baldur School

Benjamin Jonker – Immanuel Christian School

Tyson Koop – Steinbach Regional

Toni Koshowski – Dauphin Regional

Nathan Krahn – Rivers Collegiate

Alexander Krykewich – Dakota Collegiate

Kally Kukurudz – Ste. Rose School

Miriam Lade – Rivers Collegiate

Kiera Lamont-Walford – Roseau Valley School

Reese Lange – Murdoch Mackay Collegiate

Jacey Ledochowski – Teulon Collegiate

Brianna Lockhart – Sanford Collegiate

Dawson Marlow – Margaret Barbour Collegiate

Daniel Moroz – Ecole Kelvin High School

Tess Odell – Pilot Mound Collegiate

Brandon Palichuk – College St. Norbert Collegiate

Evan Palles – Shaftesbury High School

Emma Pantel – St. John’s Ravenscourt School

Marly Pellerin – Neelin High School

Troy Penner – Garden City Collegiate

Callum Plett – Landmark Collegiate

Shergilyn Red Daquis – University of Winnipeg Collegiate

Tyler Shoemaker – Grandview School

Alexandra Skelton – Minnedosa Collegiate

Bridget Smith – Ecole Kelvin High School

Damola Sogeke – Fort Richmond Collegiate

Caitlin Stewart – Swan Valley Regiona

lOlivia Thompson – Sanford Collegiate

Dawson Tweet – Major Pratt School

Kirsten Veldman – Immanuel Christian School

Jamie Waddell – Hamiota Collegiate

Ilona Zrinyi – Vincent Massey Collegiate

The four student athletes awarded $1,000 scholarships were:

Devon Borody of Portage Collegiate – participated in volleyball, basketball, and badminton. She is a recipient of the Dr. Dale Iwanoczko Memorial Scholarship, a West Winnipeg Athletic Conference (WWAC) volleyball all-star, WWAC varsity volleyball champion, a member of the Provincial Final Four volleyball team, as well as being named to the All Manitoba and Graduating All-Star Teams. She was a member of the varsity girls silver medal winner at the Portage tournament and was named the team’s top rebounder. Devon also participated in concert band, jazz band, a member of the Social Justice group, Sources of Strength Group, as well as a member of the “We Dine Together” program. She volunteers at the Prairie Fire Junior Fire Volleyball Club as a coach, as well as at Arthur Meighen Middle School all while maintaining an academic average of 99%.Devon states: “High school athletics are a very important part of school for students all across Manitoba. I believe school athletics holds vital importance in the lives of many Manitoba students because sports prepare them for life after high school while simultaneously teaching them valuable life lessons. I have benefitted from being a part of school athletics by acquiring leaderships skills and being introduced to many knowledgeable coaches. I have learned invaluable skills that I will continue to reform and utilize in my future. I have also benefitted from school athletics by being acquainted with leaders and coached that have become a vital part of my life, having taught me not only about sports, but about life. Each coach has left a part of themselves with me and I will never forget my high school memories with them.”

Alexander Krykewich of Dakota Collegiate – holds an academic average of 93% while participating in volleyball, basketball and cross-country. He was the team captain of both his volleyball and basketball teams. He was a member of the AAAA Provincial Volleyball Championship team, Provincial MVP, Dennis Nord Player of the Year, Graduating All-Star, All Manitoba Team recipient and received the Donovan Gayle Memorial Scholarship for Basketball. Alex is a member of the school student council, a volunteer for JRDF Bike Ride for the Cure, Manitoba Marathon Finish Line Crew, MC for the athletic banquet at his school and participated in the MHSAA’s Captains Leadership Workshop.Alex states: “High school athletics has given me the opportunity to develop relationship skills that will guide me through the rest of my life. These are lifelong relationships that were formed through overcoming adversity, learning together, and supporting each other though many experiences. Both sports and academics have allowed me to learn how to set and achieve goals. The feeling of achieving our year end goal of a Provincial Championship is a feeling that cannot be equated to anything else I have experienced. This is something that will guide and motivate me in both my future athletic and academic endeavours. Achieving goals came with challenges along the way, but they taught me discipline, responsibility, and perseverance. Learning to cooperate, communicate, problem solve, and lead a group of different types of people are some of the most important things I gained from athletics.”

Erik Barrett of Minnedosa Collegiate – participates in soccer, cross-country, volleyball, and hockey. He was co-captain of his soccer team, lead the team to the AAA Provincial Championship, and was awarded as an all-star for his performance. He placed 2nd in the Zone 6 Invitational Cross-Country meet and participated at Provincials. His hockey team made it to the finals for Westman High School Hockey League consolation side championship and he was also captain of his volleyball team. He holds an academic average of 95.86% while also being a member of the Graduation Planning Group and the MCI Foundation, a youth philanthropy project. Erik was President of the Minnedosa Credit Union Youth Board, assisted with a fundraiser called “Skate the Lake”, an annual pond hockey tournament, assisted in coaching youth recreation hockey, and planned on coaching the Boy U12 soccer team this past spring.Erik states: “It took me a long time to convey how important high school sports have been for me. Whether it’s the four year journey of soccer that ended in a Provincial title, running up and down main street until I finally reached my target time for track, or even the seemingly endless bus rides to games spent building friendships that will last a lifetime, sports have shaped me into someone I’m proud to be. In addition, every coach I have worked with has taught me something new, whether it is using feedback to improve my game or the importance of leadership and perseverance in life. The metal strength and stamina I have built as a student athlete has given me the ability to keep getting up after every obstacle life throws my way. This strength, that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life, is what gives me the confidence to pursue dreams big enough to scare me.”

Jacey Ledochowski of Teulon Collegiate – participated in volleyball, basketball, badminton, baseball and track and field. She is a member of the MHSAA Board of Directors as a student representative, a female athlete of the year at her school as well as a basketball tournament all-star, Graduating Basketball All-Star, and was on the top ranked AA basketball team entering the 2020 Provincials. She holds honours and honours with distinction awards, she is the Student Council Media Representative, and co-president, as well as being on the Yearbook Committee and Grad Committee. Jayce also participates in AA hockey, softball and has won a hockey team all-star, National Baseball Championship team MVP, Bronze Medalist and Player of the Game awards.Jacey states: “I have had the opportunity to experience the agony of a close game lost and the triumph of a close game won along with my teammates, friends and opponents. These life experiences are something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. High school sports are so important because they teach leadership, teamwork, perseverance, passion, confidence, and most of all respect. Sport teaches athletes how to overcome adversity in order to meet their goals and realize the sacrifices one must make to achieve them. Throughout all the years of playing competitive sports, it has taught me many positive qualities that contribute to everyday life. My leadership skills I have acquired over the years have allowed me to excel in sports, school, and my community. My competitiveness, compassion and courage are just some other characteristics that sports, and school have instilled in me. Sport has taught me how to take positives out of anything, even losses. Some of the friendships I have made all over the province and country, will last a lifetime.”

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