OFSAA Partners With Jumpstart For “Bridging The Gap”!

Dec 12, 2022 | Performance DevelopmentWellness

Bridging The Gap News Story

In partnership with Jumpstart, OFSAA is accepting applications for the ‘Bridging the Gap’ program. The program focuses on eliminating barriers to participation, promoting inclusion and helping students transition into their first year of high school.

Selected high school physical education or leadership classes will team up with a feeder elementary school class to participate and learn about a specific sport! In cooperation with the elementary school and under the direction of their teacher, the high school students will give instruction to the elementary students in one of the following sports: ultimate, badminton, tennis, touch rugby or flag football. The high school students will organize, plan, and facilitate one or two sessions to teach the sport to the elementary students. Basic equipment will be provided by Jumpstart and will be left at both the high school and the elementary school. This will allow other students in the schools to participate in the sport. Both the high school and elementary school will have new equipment and resources to run a new sport program or make improvements to one that already exists.

OFSAA is committed to providing sporting opportunities, like this program, to students that will teach and educate them about more than just the rules of the game. This program will teach students leadership skills, how to work with others, healthy living, engagement, how to work hard, all while demonstrating the ability to make sport inclusive for all. One of the most important lasting impacts of the program is the leadership skills that both the elementary and high school students will gain from participating in the program. The high school students will learn these skills through their physical education or leadership class and through instructing the elementary students. The elementary students will learn these skills through modeling the high school students that are instructing the program and by participating in the sport. All students will be able to carry this leadership into other facets of life including, other sports teams, their school, the community and at home. Further to this, the students may continue on to a coaching or teaching role in the future due to the experience they have gained participating in this program.

Ultimately, OFSAA’s goal for this program is to not only assist in students’ transition to high school, but also promote inclusivity and remove any barriers to participation (i.e. cost, disability, etc.).

If you feel that your school would benefit from this program, please complete the application form found below. Please note that there is limited funding available and only successful applicants will be contacted.

Bridging the Gap Application Form

Click here for application form

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