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Sport North Scholarships

The purpose of the Sport North Scholarship is to encourage academic success for NWT students that are engaged in sport activities. Preference will be given, but not limited, to students in the field of Kinesiology, Physical Education, Sport Administration, Recreation or Education (majoring in Physical Education).  Dedication to sport and academic excellence are taken into consideration in determining scholarship recipients.
The Scholarship Committee will consist of 3 members representing Territorial Sport Organizations (where possible). The Committee will meet as required, following the August 15th deadline, to review the applications and select the Scholarship recipients.
$1,500 scholarships are available to applicants in sport related studies.
$1,000 scholarships to applicants in other studies.
$1,500 for the Scott McAdam Memorial Scholarship
The scholarship recipients will be chosen from all applications received on or before the specified deadline date.

Application Form 

Deadline to apply – August 15, 2016
The selection will be based on:
  1. Recipients meeting eligibility requirements and submitting all of the required documentation;
  2. Contribution to sport (coach, official, organizer);
  3. Academic grades;
  4. Letters of support and/or reference.
The selection of scholarship recipients is the decision of the Scholarship Committee. The decisions made by this Committee will be final.

To be eligible for consideration for a Sport North Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have lived in the NWT for a minimum of three years and successfully completed at least one full year of schooling in the NWT OR be a mature student with a five year residency who has shown commitment to the development of sport.
  • Specific to the Scott McAdam Scholarship: must have lived in the NWT for a minimum of seven years and completed at least three full years of schooling in the NWT. Preference will be given, but not limited, to applicants from the Mackenzie Region (first) and the Beaufort Delta Region (second).
  • Must be a non-smoker.
  • Has shown a commitment to the development of sport.
  • Is currently or has been a member of a Territorial Sport Organization in the past 5 years.
  • Must have successfully completed one year of post secondary education and will be continuing in a program at a recognized University or Community College. Preference will be given, but not limited, to students in the field of;
Physical Education
Sport Administration
Education (majoring in Physical Education)
A candidate is only eligible to receive the scholarship once. Those qualified candidates not receiving scholarships may reapply the following year. The Committee reserves the right not to award all available scholarships in one year.
Application Process
  • The deadline for submission of applications will be no later than August 15th in that year. Should August 15th fall on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the application and applicable information must be received at the Sport North office by noon on the next business day. All applications must be submitted as per the attached application form, typewritten or legibly printed, and must include all supporting documents.
  • Sport North staff will compile and distribute copies of the application forms to the Scholarship Committee.
  • The Committee will schedule a meeting (via conference call), shortly after the deadline, to review each application and make a final selection.
Announcement of scholarship recipients:
Recipients will be contacted by phone and then receive a letter in the mail confirming that they will be receiving a Sport North Scholarship. Sport North will issue a news release once all of the scholarship recipients have been notified.
Payment of scholarships:
The scholarships will be awarded in two installments. The first installment will be distributed in the fall semester. The first semester marks MUST be submitted in order to receive the second installment. Please submit these marks as soon as possible; if marks are not received by April 1st, the recipient will forfeit his/her second installment.
If for any reason a scholarship recipient does not continue with their program studies for the second semester, then the second portion of the scholarship will be withheld.
For more information, contact the Sport North office at (867) 669-8378 or toll free at 1-800-661-0797, ext. 8378.

2015 Recipients

  • Casey Canning – Yellowknife
  • Monique Chapman – Yellowknife
  • Kate Covello – Yellowknife
  • Skylar Horton – Hay River
  • Alexander Keefe – Yellowknife
  • Sarah Nesbitt – Yellowknife
  • Trisa Ngo – Yellowknife
  • Connor O’Brien – Yellowknife
  • Madison Pilling – Fort Simpson
  • Brooke Schaefer – Hay River
  • Jeanne Yurris – Yellowknife

For information on other scholarships, check out the NWT Student Financial Assistance website (go to Opportunities, then Scholarships).

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